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'Abject Disaster' — America Isn't Quite as Radical and Hysterically Anti-Trump as Democrats Thought

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Whither the Democrats? They just pissed away a billion dollars of their mega-donors’ cash in the greatest political miscalculation in American history. Democrats bet the farm on the idea that their radical base of far-left socialists and hysterical anti-Trumpers were the mainstream voices of America. AOC was the voice of a new generation. Bernie Sanders was a sage. Elizabeth Warren was a prophet of the “New Economics” of “fairness, diversity, and social justice.”

Egged on by a media that oozed confidence that no one would vote for Republicans, it appears at this point they have fallen far short. Joe Biden may yet win the presidency, but his odds are growing longer by the hour.

Democrats have some real soul searching to do — if they believed they had souls. And introspection is hard when you’re as arrogant as many national Democrats are.

At the very least, it’s a bucket of ice water in the face of the party.


TUESDAY WAS AN ABJECT DISASTER for Democrats in Washington. To imagine the amount of soul searching and explaining the party will have to do after Tuesday is absolutely dizzying. The infighting will be bloody — as it should be. We fielded text after text from Hill Democrats Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning with existential questions about their leadership and the direction of their party.

DEMOCRATS TOLD US in the weeks and months leading up to Election Daythatthey were on track to win the majority in the Senate, and they don’t appear poised to do that. Donors gave $90 million to lose to Senate Majority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL, $108 million to lose to Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-S.C.) and $24 million to lose to Sen. JOHN CORNYN (R-Texas). GOP Sen. STEVE DAINES won in Montana. GOP Sen. THOM TILLIS is up in North Carolina. GOP Sen. DAVID PERDUE is above 50% in Georgia, at the moment. Sen. SUSAN COLLINS is narrowly ahead in Maine — despite Democrat SARA GIDEON raising $69 million. Iowa Sen. JONI ERNST won her bid for a second term.

This massive fundraising haul, outspending Republicans 3-1 or more in many races, was worse than useless. Democrats had so much money they didn’t know how to spend it. Democrats spent $100 million dollars to try and defeat Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and it wasn’t even close. Graham got 55 percent of the vote and Democrat Jaime Harrison got 43 percent. The Democrats spent $100 million on a race they lost by 12 points.

Maybe Democrats better start looking for a soul — any soul — to search.

Graham called the $100 million the “worst return on investment in the history of American politics.” Sounds about right.

As I write this, Republicans have gained four seats in the House of Representatives. They’re not going to take over the lower chamber this election but they proved that talk of the death of Republicans in the House was a touch premature. Democrats were expected to win 12-15 seats and ended up losing at least four — and maybe more.

The attention is, quite naturally, on the presidential race. But besides that, the big story of this election is the rejection of the Democrats’ radical agenda in a decisive fashion. Biden may become president. But he wouldn’t dare push many of the far-left proposals by the Democratic Party’s radical fringe.

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