Election 2020

Anti-Wall Street Democrats Mull 'Purity Test' for Cabinet Appointees

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

The far left is distrustful of anyone who has money, or who works with money. The reason is fairly simple: they don’t understand this economy stuff. It’s like a foreign language to them. Besides, money is racist. White people have more of it than black people so, regardless of the reasons, Black Lives Matter…or something.

The radical left is reflexively anti-Wall Street. Of course, the radical left has been anti-Wall Street ever since there was a radical left. But this iteration of left-wing loonies would not surprise anyone if they set up a guillotine in Central Park to “cleanse” society of Wall Street influences.

But the drive to stick it to Wall Street actually gets in the way of another main goal of the Democratic Party. In addition to wanting to punish wealthy people, Democrats want to make sure that all races, sexes, ethnic groups, age groups, religions, and any other significant difference between human beings are represented in the cabinet of a Democratic president.

Where this drive for diversity gets in the way of flogging the wealthy is in the far left’s utter hatred and contempt for Wall Street.


Progressives have been calling on Biden to take a hard line in filling out his Cabinet, with groups such as Justice Democrats and Sunrise Movement demanding that he pledge to appoint “zero” current or former Wall Street executives or corporate lobbyists to his administration.

But Black Democrats on Capitol Hill and on K Street say that’s in direct conflict with the party’s overarching diversity goals and would keep many people of color, including those with ties to the financial world, from ascending to key positions long dominated by white males.

Merit vs. ideology. Will this “purity test” dominate Biden’s choices? Treasury secretary or Commerce secretary may not carry the influence the positions once had, but Democrats see filling out the cabinet not as a matter of influence but of ideology. Would you choose a Marxist professor to run Treasury? As long as he/she is the right color, who cares?

“We have seen the effects of corporate control over the American government for our entire lives; it has blocked universal access to health care, real action on the climate crisis and started endless wars that waste taxpayer dollars we need to invest in schools and jobs,” said Emily Mayer, political director of IfNotNow, one of the groups trying to discourage Biden from appointing executives and lobbyists. “We reject the false choice between having the people leading our country represent the diversity of our nation and removing corporate control from our politics.”

Conspiracy theories about corporate “control” of government have been around since before the Revolution, when radicals believed Alexander Hamilton wanted to make himself king. And I think the American people have something to say about the government running their health care and having green fanatics in charge of the economy. And on issues of war and peace, the American people usually get it right. They don’t need GM or Pepsi, Inc., telling them what they should think about these issues.

Not a word about whether someone is capable of running anything. They may be blithering idiots, but as long as they fit into the nice neat box that Democrats put them in, all is well.

In truth, running a government department is not rocket science. Cabinet secretaries have so many assistant secretaries to handle the technical details of the department that as long as cabinet secretaries look and sound good on TV, they’re in.

Of course, a President Biden would want loyal servants to do his bidding. Given the rejection of any authority by white people by radicals, that might not be possible. Still, it should be entertaining to watch a Biden administration appoint some of the very same people who have been advocating for the destruction of American society.