Election 2020

Biden Proposes $700 Billion Campaign to 'Buy American'

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Nationalism is evil. Capitalism is evil. So why is Joe Biden proposing a massive $700 billion nationalistic, capitalistic campaign to buy American goods from American manufacturers and technology companies?

Biden wants us to ignore the radicals in control of the Democratic Party who are slamming Donald Trump for his nationalism, and the socialists who are calling for an end to capitalism.

“Pay no attention to those radicals behind the curtain.” This is a massive move from Biden to distract the voters from just who are the people who nominated him, and more importantly, who will be pulling his strings from behind the curtains in the Oval Office.

Associated Press:

Biden calls for a $400 billion, four-year increase in government purchasing of U.S.-based goods and services plus $300 billion in new research and development in U.S. technology concerns. Among other policies expected to be announced Thursday, he proposes tightening current “Buy American” laws that are intended to benefit U.S. firms but can be easily circumvented by government agencies.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ocasio-Cortez — these are radical socialists who no more believe in “capitalism” than the rest of us believe in the tooth fairy. It is they who will be running the government if Biden is elected. Not only are they non-believers in capitalism, but they take a very dim view of the idea of putting America first in anything — except perhaps, first in the docket to be tried by the World Court.

It’s a shameless gambit using smoke and mirrors designed to dangle shiny baubles in front of the voter so that they don’t notice the radical takeover of the government.

The former vice president will discuss the proposals Thursday at a metal works concern in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. It’s the first of a series of addresses Biden plans as he shifts his line of attack against President Donald Trump to the economy. It’s political turf the Republican incumbent once considered a clear advantage before the coronavirus pandemic curbed consumer activity and drove unemployment to near-Depression levels.

An opening emphasis on manufacturing and labor policy is no coincidence: Biden wants to capitalize on his union ties and deliver on oft-made claims he can win back working-class voters who fueled Trump’s upset win four years ago.

If Trump loses white working-class voters it won’t be because Biden “won them back.” Those voters don’t want Joe Biden’s prescriptions for what ails the economy any more than the rest of us. But there are other factors that could cause them to hold their nose and vote for Biden not related to any confidence that Biden could revive the economy any faster than Trump appears to be doing.

But Biden may yet expose his right flank by proposing more radical, less palatable policies to the voter.

Biden will continue in coming weeks with an energy plan to combat the climate crisis and a third package on what the campaign has dubbed the “caring economy,” with a focus on making child care and elder care more affordable and less of an impediment to working-age Americans. Campaign aides told reporters that all of Biden’s policies would target immediate recovery from the pandemic recession and address systemic inequalities Biden says are “laid bare” by the nation’s ongoing reckoning with racism.

Trump should be able to highlight many of these proposals as evidence of the Democrat’s radicalism. He could drown Biden in a tsunami of advertising showing how “dangerous” Biden would be to the majority of the country. Trump has yet to start trying to define Biden and those who are behind him. Once he does, that’s when the real race for the White House will begin.

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