Election 2020

Democratic Fundraising Smashing Records After Riots and Unrest

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

ActBlue, the online fundraising platform preferred by Democrats and far-left radical groups posted a whopping $392 million cash haul in June, smashing the previous monthly record for the group by 50 percent.

They’re just one destination for left-wing cash as the riots, unrest, pandemic, and recession are radicalizing politics in a way that hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression.

The major beneficiary of the cash surge is Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is pulling in small-dollar online donations at a record pace. But Democratic House and Senate candidates are also enjoying a huge boost in fundraising as the left threatens to bury the right under a tsunami of cash.


ActBlue processed nearly $25 million in donations on the final day of June, as Biden and other Democratic candidates pushed their email lists to deliver a big end-of-quarter fundraising haul, according to the live fundraising ticker on ActBlue’s website. It would have been a record day for the service — but for an enormous surge of ActBlue donations in the first four days of June, over $115 million, at the height of the protests over the death of George Floyd, a Black man killed by a Minneapolis police officer.

The money flowing through ActBlue has been a less visible piece of the summer of activism — but no less tangible, fueling everything from bail funds for protesters to think tanks promoting police reform, as well as Democratic political candidates.

During the Great Depression, the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party saw a massive increase in membership. Far-right groups were smaller but far more numerous and included nativist and anti-Communist organizations. There was even a Fascist Party that never managed to attract a large following.

Today, radicalism stalks the land. And it’s infecting everything.

“The world has never felt more perilous, so if you’re feeling powerless, don’t know what to do, a simple way to have an impact is to contribute,” said Taryn Rosenkranz, a Democratic digital fundraising consultant. “Open rates on emails are still continuing to surge, click rates are higher, average gifts are higher. Everything that should be going in a different direction for this economic moment is actually going up.”

The practical result of this avalanche of cash is that the Democrats have a clear lead in fundraising for the House and Senate. But the president has his own cash machine and it’s still churning away. Biden might outraise Trump for the quarter, but he’s spending almost as fast as the money is coming in. Trump has a massive war chest with nearly $300 million in the bank.

Groups focused on criminal justice and the Black community — including Black Lives Matter and Color of Change — also saw an enormous influx in cash during the multi-week protests following Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Totals raised by some nonprofits may not be available until later this month at the earliest, but IRS documents filed by ActBlue last month show the early effects of the surge that started in May. The IRS disclosure shows that Color of Change, for example, raised over $1.3 million via ActBlue in May after garnering just a few hundred thousand dollars from the service in the previous four months of the year.

There has never been a clearer sign of the failure of the mainstream establishment. In every area imaginable, the corrupt, the inept, the arrogant and ignorant have shown themselves to be incapable of handling the enormous crisis of spirit that has settled upon America. If they’re not clueless about what to do, they are eagerly joining the radicals, trying to prove how tolerant and woke they are by canceling as much of the culture that nurtured them as they can.

Ordinary people have given up on politics and the law and are enthusiastically supporting groups who want to do America harm.

We are a sick nation. And no one seems capable of finding a treatment for what ails us.