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Key Swing State Warns That the Presidential Election Will Be a 'Nightmare'

Key Swing State Warns That the Presidential Election Will Be a 'Nightmare'
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In 2016, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by the razor-thin margin of 44,000 votes. But as close as the vote was, Trump was declared the winner of the state early in the morning the day after the election.

In 2020, that is not likely to be the case, say Pennsylvania election officials. The state will implement a “no-excuse” mail-in procedure that is so cumbersome, so new that the officials are saying the results of the presidential race may not be known for days, Politico reported.

Democrats will tell you that it doesn’t matter. But all of those ballots will be sitting in county government offices across the state — possibly tens of thousands of ballots waiting to be counted.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to imagine the shenanigans that can be pulled by either party to put a thumb on the scale for one candidate or another. Politico:

“My nightmare is that on Election Day in November, you’re waiting for Montgomery County’s results to declare Pennsylvania to declare who wins the White House,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Ken Lawrence, a Democrat who chairs the Board of Elections there. “The reality is that all of our counties are going to be in that same situation, and it will take a while to actually count the ballots.”

We may get a preview of that nightmare when Pennsylvania holds its primary in two weeks. And it won’t be pretty.

Less than two weeks away from the state’s primary, some election officials in the state said they lack the needed funding and staff to handle the massive influx of mail-in ballots they’ve received for that race. They also said the fact that they legally can’t start counting those ballots until the morning of Election Day is complicating matters. In addition to delaying a final tally, the chaos and confusion could sow distrust ahead of the general election and give fodder to those seeking to discredit its results.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me so far. They got the wrong party ballot sent to them. They got the wrong district ballot sent to them. And now I’m having people getting multiple ballots sent to them. These are the things that are inevitable when you rush the implementation of mail-in voting like we did here,” said Allegheny County Democratic Councilwoman and election board member Bethany Hallam. “But I’m worried that, if Donald Trump loses in November, do the Republicans use all these examples of errors with mail-in voting as their excuse to invalidate election results?”

Incredible. She’s more concerned about Trump challenging the results than in running a clean election! Sheesh.

The short version is that these bozos aren’t ready.

In Philadelphia, the most populous part of the state, officials predicted before the pandemic that they would get 70,000 to 90,000 applications for mail-in and absentee ballots in the primary. Through Thursday, with several days to go until the deadline, they had already received about 158,000. They said the previous record, set in a presidential general election, was roughly 23,000.

The deluge has led to a backlog: Officials said last week about 18,000 ballots are still waiting to be sent to city voters.

Pay attention to what’s going on, America. Pennsylvania is only one of many states that are going to force voters to vote by mail. No state is ready for this. The procedures to send out, receive, and count the ballots are new and it appears at least in the Keystone State, they are underfunded and undermanned.

It’s perfectly legitimate — despite what Democrats and liberals are saying — to question this radical departure from election norms. At least in Pennsylvania, Democrats appear clueless about the catastrophe that’s approaching.

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