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Tucker Carlson Destroys Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the Feminist Movement

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If you’re been sputtering at the sheer, nauseating hypocrisy of the feminist movement and female politicians who destroyed Brett Kavanagh but are giving Joe Biden a pass, take heart. Tucker Carlson has found the words that most of us have been searching for.

Joe Biden headed up the efforts to “reform” Title 9 during his time as vice president. We’ll never know how many young men’s lives were ruined by the star chamber proceedings on college campuses where “believe all women” —  even at the expense of due process, fairness, and human decency —  was mandatory.

Now, Biden is accused of sexual assault. And rather than require him to play by the same rules as men accused of assault and harassment everywhere, the feminists have maintained a notable silence.

Tucker Carlson:

But, of course, Biden isn’t playing by those rules and never would. Why isn’t he forced to? Because the American feminist movement may be the single most corrupt movement in the world. It’s more corrupt than the government of Equatorial Guinea. It’s more corrupt than the World Health Organization.

There’s nothing more corrupt than institutional feminism. And if you want proof, look no further than Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. Two years ago, Gillibrand wanted Brett Kavanaugh, his wife and family destroyed. He was guilty, she said — she could feel it.

After several choice quotes from Glillibrand about allegations against Judge Kavanaugh,

She spoke her truth so bravely, so strongly, so honestly, and we believed her. Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI review these claims. Is that the reaction of an innocent person? It is not.

Carlson asks the obvious question: “Has there ever been, in the last 235 years, a dumber person to serve the United States Senate? Probably not.”

So you would expect Gillibrand to be on the warpath against Biden, leading the feminist charge among Democratic women to tar and feather the former vice president and ride him out of town on a rail.

Not exactly.

Well, on Tuesday, Gillibrand got her chance to respond to the allegations — the credible allegations — that Tara Reade has made against Joe Biden. Even if you haven’t already seen this, we bet you can guess what her response was.

Gillibrand: She has come forward. She has spoken. And they’ve done an investigation in several outlets. Those investigations, Vice President Biden has called for himself. Vice President Biden has vehemently denied these allegations, and I support Vice President Biden.

Has Joe Biden begged the FBI to take a close look at his personal life over the past 50 years? Oh, he hasn’t. He must be guilty.

Aside from the brain dead observation that “several outlets” have done an investigation of the incident, does she even realize the extraordinary hypocrisy of her position?

Carlson concluded his monologue by savaging the feminist “movement.”

Institutional feminism, the so-called feminist movement, is fake. It was never about women or believing women. They don’t believe women. They don’t care about women. They care about power. And that’s why Gillibrand was friends with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton. That’s why she’s friends with Joe Biden now.

In order for any of this to matter, there should be an independent press that examines the way that Gillibrand and the feminists responded to the Kavanaugh allegations and the Tara Reade charges. But to do so would require writers and reporters to make enemies of feminists and their hangers-on. No one likes to be called a flaming hypocrite — even if they are.

Perhaps the problem is that in order to recognize your own hypocrisy, there must be introspection. But feminists and most activists don’t even try. They’re afraid of what they’ll see. So they remain blind to their own frailties and foibles so that they are capable of believing two entirely contrary things at exactly the same time. Hence, Kavanaugh is guilty but Biden isn’t.

Talk of Biden being thrown off the ticket may or may not be true, but it won’t be for anything Tara Reade has accused him of.

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