Election 2020

Biden's Ad Saying Trump is Soft on China Not Going Over Well on the Left

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Donald Trump, who started a multi-billion trade war and has sent warships to the South China Sea to confront Beijing over their military buildup, was called “soft” on China in an ad by the Biden campaign.

Forget for a moment the silliness of it. The ad claims Trump failed to “confront” China over their coronavirus response, failed to get a CDC team “on the ground” in China, and it’s Trump’s fault we have more cases and more deaths of the coronavirus than any other nation.

Like I said; silly.

Most of the points made in the ad are easily rebutted, but Biden’s real problem with the ad has been the reaction to it on the left.


Some worry the rhetoric in a new Biden campaign ad could spur anti-Asian bias already on the rise due to the coronavirus pandemic. Others argue that Biden’s effort to sound tougher on China than Trump could backfire diplomatically in the long run.

The rifts on the left are far from a serious fracture, but they nonetheless illustrate the challenge the former vice president faces in trying to lay out a U.S.-China policy that has become even more complicated thanks to the might of a tiny virus.

Biden is desperate to deflect and distract the voter from his own China problems and because the issue is a winning one for the Trump campaign.

And you might recall the Democrat’s reaction to the travel ban on China, calling it “xenophobic.” Lo and behold, in the Biden ad, suddenly, Trump didn’t do a good enough job, as the ad claims “40,000 Chinese” were allowed in after Trump signed the ban.

It’s that kind of stupidity that loses elections.

Trump has not held China to account for their actions — and inactions — when the virus first appeared in Wuhan. But we’re currently in the middle of a pandemic and I doubt whether the administration will get around to it immediately.

But Republicans are not going to let it go. And now, Democrats risk looking like towering hypocrites if they don’t support Republican legislation that would allow Americans to sue China over the virus, or oppose hauling China before the World Court. They have embraced a candidate who is now trying to “out-Trump, Trump” on China and it’s doubtful that it will work.

Trump’s response will be to continue to hammer Biden on his actions with the Chinese communists. Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright pointed out to Fox News just who is soft on China.

2013, [Biden] and his son flew over to Beijing, sucked up that $1.5 billion. Plus, you have to remember Biden was vice president under, of course, under Mr. Obama when we all know what the Chinese did in terms of taking our intellectual property, stealing those jobs, facilitating the nuclear program with North Korea, [and] the ballistic missile program of Iran,” he explained. “The horrific record goes on and on.”

Biden is a sitting duck. And he just released an ad that will load Trump’s gun for him.