Election 2020

Joe Biden Has a 'China Problem' and Trump is Ready to Exploit It

Former Vice President Joe Biden arrives at a convention center in Toronto on Nov. 28, 2017, to give a speech on leadership. (Colin Perkel/The Canadian Press via AP)

By the time November rolls around, the American people will be unable to think of Joe Biden without immediately connecting him to Communist China. It’s the number one emerging strategy of the Trump campaign and promises to be extensive — and relentless.

Biden has a China problem. He knows it. Democrats know it. And most assuredly, the Trump campaign knows it. It’s a target-rich environment thanks to years and years of statements, video, and speeches all showing Joe Biden’s coziness with the Chinese communists.

Washington Examiner:

“Joe Biden has a big China problem. Our data shows that Biden’s softness on China is a major vulnerability, among many,” Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh told the Washington Examiner.

As vice president, Biden lavished praise on China during a state visit in August 2011. Biden, a Delaware senator from 1973-2009, said he’d been impressed with the country since he traveled there decades ago after the two countries normalized relations.

“Let me be clear: I believed in 1979 and said so then, and I believe now that a rising China is a positive development not only for the people of China but for the United States and the world as a whole,” Biden said.

There are many people in East Asia would not say it’s a “positive development” to see China rising and Americans would mostly disagree with that praise.

China is a competitor, a rival, and now, an enemy. Their hegemonistic designs in Asia have only whetted their appetite to expand their influence. That’s why they were so upset about people tying China to the origins of the coronavirus. Anything that knocks their image of benevolence is a danger to their plans for world domination.

Biden’s criticism of China’s response to the virus has been muted and hesitant. He’s left himself wide open for a Trump counterattack.

More recently, Biden was hammered by the Trump campaign and other Republicans for seemingly downplaying the economic threat posed by China.

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden said in Iowa City, Iowa, in May 2019. “They can’t figure out how they’re going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system.”

He added: “They’re not bad folks, folks. … They’re not competition for us.”

See how easy a mark Biden is?

Hunter Biden has his own problems with a China connection.

Hunter Biden promised in October 2019 that he would resign from the board of BHR Partners, a Chinese investment firm. The Daily Caller reported this week that business records showed he was still listed on the board. Hunter’s lawyer produced a letter on Friday from BHR Partners CEO Jonathan Li, dated Friday, stating Hunter did resign last year. Hunter has promised no foreign business dealings if his father wins in 2020.

I would expect the Trump campaign to keep it simple and easy to connect the dots. Biden will do most of the talking in Trump campaign commercials which is a very effective — and sometimes devastating — way to attack an opponent.

One thing is sure; connecting Joe Biden’s grinning mug with the smiles of the Chinese Communists will prove to be one of the Trump campaign’s most effective tactics.