Election 2020

Pelosi Warns 'Civilization as We Know It' is At Stake if Trump Wins

Nancy Pelosi told an audience of college kids at Northeastern University that “civilization as we know it” is at stake as Trump runs for re-election.

What “civilization” the speaker never said. It couldn’t be western civilization, could it? Everyone knows that western civilization is evil, racist, oppressive, and murderous to people of color. So she must mean some other civilization.

Washington Examiner:

“My view is that civilization as we know it is at stake,” the speaker said about the upcoming election. “It’s about everything. It’s about America. We ask God to bless America.”

“What is America? America is our Constitution,” [she] said, adding later that the Bill of Rights is “under siege” and that the administration shows a “disloyalty to the Constitution.”

Amazingly, Pelosi said something very similar about “civilization” in December.

We might ask what “God” she’s talking about, too. Everyone knows Judeo-Christian beliefs are racist and not inclusive. What about the Hindus? Surely Allah belongs in there somewhere.

She claimed that immigrants are being “denigrated.”

“We are a nation of immigrants who are being denigrated. And every newcomer to America with hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a better life for their children and the future — those are American traits. And those newcomers have made America more American.”

It goes without saying that Pelosi sort of forgot to make the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. To her, there’s no difference. But to most of us, there certainly is.

As for “diversity,” Pelosi showed us what’s in store for us if Bernie Sanders wins.

“We have to have that diversity at the table. The beauty is in the mix. And that’s why we can’t just have a table of white males,” she said, though later noting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78, and former Vice President Joe Biden, 77, would be “infinitely better” than Trump. “Let’s not even go into that low threshold,” she added.

Pelosi’s remarks follow recent criticism of the Democratic nominating process, accusing it of alienating minorities while enabling old, white men. Former presidential contender Andrew Yang acknowledged the situation during a Democratic debate in December as the last remaining minority on stage, saying, “It’s both an honor and disappointment to be the lone candidate of color on the stage tonight. I miss Kamala. I miss Cory.”

There’s nothing “beautiful” about making diversity the end all and be all of policy. It’s stupid. Diversity is nice when it goes hand in hand with merit and excellence. But to make it a determining factor in who should be president is daft.

Pelosi is right. Our (western) civilization is, indeed, at stake if the Democrats win. And that should trouble us all.