Election 2020

As Bloomberg Considers His Future, Democrats Heave a Sigh of Relief

Michael Bloomberg wants to become the 46th president of the United States. Source: Boss Tweed / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

That sound you hear is the collective sigh of enormous relief by the Democratic establishment who were beginning to wonder how they were going to put the best face on their party nominating a septuagenarian socialist for president.

They can relax. They are on the cusp of nominating a doddering, befuddled, glad-handing, septuagenarian old fool who apparently doesn’t know the difference between his wife and his sister.

Cue the comedians.

Joe Biden is a gaffe machine. Every time he opens his mouth, he has the potential of ending his campaign. For the Democratic establishment, it’s a question of picking their poison. Maybe the American people will be so desperate to get rid of Trump they won’t care that Biden might not know what day of the week it is. More likely, the Democratic establishment believes that with Biden, losing won’t be a sure thing.

Of course, this is all speculative and is predicated on Biden not gaffing himself out of politics before the July convention.

And it is also totally dependent on another factor that could still roil the campaign and make the Milwaukee convention into a medieval torture chamber.

That factor is the continuing futility of the Mike Bloomberg campaign and whether he’s going to continue spending money like a hundred drunken sailors. At least the drunken sailors are having a good time. Bloomberg? Not so much.


Bloomberg gave no indication of plans to drop out as he addressed supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday night. But several sources involved in his campaign said a decision to exit the race is all but certain. He is flying back to New York City Tuesday night; one person said Wednesday would be “a day of reckoning.”

What Bloomberg decides will affect the rest of the race. With three candidates vying for votes (assuming Elizabeth Warren drops out after getting thrashed in her home state of Massachusetts), chances were still very good of a brokered convention of some kind. Currently, both Biden and Sanders have a recognizable path to win a majority of delegates necessary for a first-ballot victory. But every week that goes by — every primary that’s held — lessens the chances of that happening.

Bloomberg could make the nightmare go away if he drops out now.

“We need to see what the final results are, but if [Bloomberg] doesn’t win a single state, or worse yet doesn’t even come in second in a single state, yes I think he needs to drop out and put his infrastructure behind Biden,” a House Democrat who endorsed Bloomberg said in a text message.

The House Democrat added that Bloomberg needs to make a decision about his future “in short order” and that “the last 10 days for Biden has been a home run — from the debate, the townhall, South Carolina, endorsements to now.”

It’s seductive for Bloomberg to think about. Biden did it, why not me? Or perhaps Bloomberg, like a gambler chasing his losses, might not like throwing away a half a billion dollars and wants to up the ante.

Probably not. Bloomberg is sincere in his belief that defeating Trump is the number one priority and knows the chances of that happening will diminish the longer he stays in the race as a spoiler. So he’ll drop out — probably today but almost certainly this week.

Only in America could Mike Bloomberg spend half a billion dollars for one lone delegate.