Election 2020

Video of 100-Year-Old World War II Vet Being Carried Into Trump Rally Goes Viral

Trump supporters hold up Ervin Julian, a 100-year-old World War II veteran, during a rally supporting President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Steven Julian wanted to do something special for his father, a 100-year-old veteran of World War II. So he brought him to the Trump rally in Phoenix, Ariz., on Wednesday, hoping to get VIP seating for his dad.

He got a lot more than that.

Leaving his father to try and arrange seating, Steven was surprised when he saw two men bearing his father down the steps at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The crowd went absolutely nuts.

Fox News:

One of the men pictured carrying Julian, Army veteran Larry Thorpe, told Doocy that he and his friend Jason Frank attended the rally to show their support for the president, but “had no idea” their act of kindness would be viewed by millions around the world.

“So, we were there to support the president and everything that he is doing for this country. President Trump has just done an amazing job at working towards helping to build this economy and move the country forward,” he remarked, explaining that he and his friend were on their way to the snack stand when they encountered the elderly veteran.

The proud old veteran was a little unsteady on his feet and the crowd was pressing in around him. Thorpe and Frank reacted instinctively.

“And when we got to the top of the stairs, Ervin was coming in, and he kind of tripped into me a little bit,” Thorpe recalled. “And he had a crowd all around him, and Jason and I just wanted to help him to his seat.”

The president recognized Mr. Julian.

President Trump later recognized Julian at the rally saying, “He might be even hotter than Trump right now, I have to say.”

“I want to thank you, really, that’s a great honor and thank you for the great job you’ve done, an American patriot, thank you very much,” he continued.

According to FOX 19 NOW, Donald Trump Jr. handed the veteran a signed campaign hat, a pinand a coin.

So what happened to all those rabid, Trump-worshipping, frothing, right-wing nuts at Trump rallies who want to kill CNN reporters and string up black people?

Guess they must have stayed home. Instead, they got a couple of Americans named Thorpe and Frank performing a kindness and showing respect for an American hero.