Election 2020

Can't Democrats Do Anything Right? Milwaukee Convention Committee Roiled by Charges of 'Toxic Work Culture'

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gather in the front of the room during the Nevada State Democratic Party’'s 2016 State Convention at the Paris hotel-casino in Las Vegas on May 14, 2016. (Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

And Democrats want voters to hand this clown car caravan of losers the levers of power?

In the wake of the fiasco in Iowa, Democrats might be looking for some positive bit of news to offset the negative press they’re getting because, well, Democrats can’t count. Math is hard — especially when you believe that 1+1=2 is a racist statement.

Regardless, Democrats aren’t going to find any praise coming from Milwaukee. In their infinite wisdom, Democrats chose the city that’s the symbol of working-class America, located in a vital swing state, to host the 2020 Democratic convention.

But then, not surprisingly, they bollixed everything up. They hired two top staffers from New Jersey to run the committee charged with raising $70 million and gathering 15,000 volunteers to work the event.

The only problem for Democrats was that they sorta forgot to ask the New Jersey Democratic Party staffers to resign their posts in New Jersey before taking the plum Milwaukee gig.

And whether it’s a cultural divide between New Jerseyites and Midwesterners or not, the Jersey people rubbed everybody in the office the wrong way, creating a “toxic work culture.”

Milwaukee Sentinel:

In a letter to staff obtained by the Journal Sentinel, the board said it had retained an attorney to investigate “concerns about the work environment” for the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee.

During the investigation, Liz Gilbert, president of the host committee, will not be in the office and “will not have direct contact with staff,” the letter says. Adam Alonso, the chief of staff for the group, has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the probe.

The two have previously come under criticism for continuing to do work for New Jersey Democrats while leading the Host Committee full time. The New Jersey Democratic Party dumped Alonso from his $15,000-per-month consulting gig late Monday.

Times a-wasting. The convention is less than six months away and Democrats are still trying to figure out how to run an office.

“We are committed to an inclusive, non-discriminatory, and supportive environment at the host committee and we will work to ensure that all employees live up to these ideals,” the board said in its letter.

Gilbert and Alonso were apparently tyrants and power-hungry martinets.

The stunning shakeup came as the Journal Sentinel contacted the host committee over concerns about the organization’s work environment. In addition, the host committee recently received a letter from multiple staffers raising similar complaints.

In interviews with the Journal Sentinel over the weekend, two experienced political hands who have worked with the host committee described it as having a toxic culture rife with power struggles, backbiting and mismanagement.

They accused the top two officials, Gilbert and Alonso, of giving contracts to their friends in New Jersey, calling meetings and then failing to attend them and being more focused on accumulating power than promoting Milwaukee.

Alonso is being accused in his home state of shaking down campaign contributors for his personal consulting firm.

Man, those Democrats sure can pick ’em, can’t they?

No doubt Democrats will get things straightened out by the start of the convention in July. Or not. Everyone believed adding up votes was a fairly simple task — until the Iowa caucuses showed otherwise. It’s hard to gauge voter sentiment about the party after debacles like this and Iowa, but even casual voters might be saying that if they can’t run an election or put on a convention without mucking things up, what’s their argument for running the country?