Election 2020

LIVE: Super Tuesday Results

Tonight is a monumental night for the remaining Democrat presidential candidates. Depending on how they fare in the 15 Super Tuesday races, the five remaining candidates—Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard—will have to decide if they’ll drop out, limp along for another few months, or fight to the bitter end. In recent days we’ve seen “establishment” support coalescing behind Biden in an effort to keep socialist Bernie Sanders off the top of the ticket. Steyer, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar all recently dropped out, with the latter two throwing their support behind Biden.

Today is the first time voters will have the opportunity to cast votes for Michael Bloomberg, who has been spending lavishly on ad buys but disappointed on the debate stage. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has been faltering as the Democratic presidential race shapes up to be a two-man contest, and poor Tulsi Gabbard has not been able to garner enough support to make it onto the stage for the last few debates.

PJ Media is partnering with Decision Desk HQ to bring you live election results. Hover over the map to see returns for all the Super Tuesday contests and scroll down to track the number of delegates won by each of the candidates in real-time.

Polls in some states close at 7 p.m. Eastern, so expect to see some results shortly thereafter. Reminder: Voters in some early-voting states have already cast ballots for candidates no longer in the race, so their results will appear here as well.