Election 2020

Let's Try This Again: LIVE 2020 Iowa Caucus Results

UPDATE Tuesday, 5:p.m. EST: The Iowa Democratic Party is finally beginning to release official Iowa caucus results. Troy Price, chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, announced this afternoon that at 5 p.m. Eastern they will release results of “62 percent of precincts from all 99 counties.” The results will be updated in real-time as they come in, so check back for the latest. Keep in mind that results could change drastically as more precincts report.

PJ Media is partnering with Decision Desk HQ to bring you LIVE results from the Iowa caucuses. (See here for an explanation of how the caucus process works in Iowa.) The first results below are for the state delegate equivalents—the actual number of delegates each candidate will receive. The second chart shows how voters caucused for the final alignment, followed by the delegate tracker and the results of the GOP caucuses.