Election 2020

[VIDEO] Scary Moment as Crazed Vegans Rush the Stage During Biden Speech

There was a scary moment during former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory speech after he trounced Sen. Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democrat field on Super Tuesday.

Biden was in the middle of saying that the middle class and the unions built the United States, when his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, looked behind her husband as someone to the former veep’s left rushed the stage. An anti-dairy protester carrying a Biden sign in one hand and a “Let Dairy Die” sign in the other, ran across the stage and was quickly removed by a beefy security guard as she screamed, “Let Dairy Die!”

As the unhinged leftist was being removed from the scene, another woman with the same sign emerged from the stands behind the podium. Biden staffer Symone Sanders jumped into action and, with the help of another woman, dragged the protester from the stage. It’s not clear where the rest of Biden’s security detail was during the altercation.

Sanders, former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders and current senior advisor to the Biden campaign, handled the situation with aplomb:

Both Jill Biden and Valerie Biden, Joe’s sister, were visibly shaken by the aggressive protesters—understandably so.

“You’re okay, you’re ok,” Jill reassured her husband as she turned him around to face the audience. A few moments later he picked up where he left off. But Valerie was clearly upset by the incident, blinking back tears and looking around during the remainder of the speech. At one point Jill, noticing how upset her sister-in-law was, reached behind her husband to grab Valerie’s hand.

Both put on brave smiles as the speech continued, but it was no laughing matter. It could have quickly turned into a very dangerous situation. Thanks to the quick response from the security guard and Biden staffers, the situation was quickly de-escalated, but it raises questions about why only one security guard was on hand to respond to the incident.