Election 2020

RNC Rumor Mill: Roger Ailes Could Replace Manafort as Trump Campaign Manager

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes (AP Photo/Jim Cooper, File)

From a lengthy piece at the Hollywood Reporter about the Roger Ailes kerfuffle at Fox News, this nearly throwaway revelation:

Still, as of this morning, with Ailes nearly as much a subject in Cleveland at the Republican convention among political professionals as Trump himself (the rumor of Ailes replacing Paul Manafort as campaign manager is an active one, with a further rumor putting Trump in favor of this and his children against it), the negotiation continues. It has been reportedly slowed not just by Ailes’ war-like posture, but because Rupert Murdoch is in the middle of it, full of angst and ambivalence and regret, changing the terms of the negotiation on an hourly basis. In real ways, Roger’s end is his. [Emphasis added]

I’ve heard this rumor tossed around today. It seems pretty unlikely, but as I said yesterday, nothing would surprise me this election cycle. Trump has a penchant for blowing through proprietes at an alarming rate. Nothing, it seems, is off limits, so why not have a disgraced Fox News exec (a very successful one, at that) running his campaign? He could, at the very least, be counted on to hire people who know how to write copy that’s not plagiarized.