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Trump on Schumer: 'He Used to Kiss My A—'

Trump on Schumer: 'He Used to Kiss My A—'
(Paul Sancya, AP)

President Donald Trump slammed Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) during his rally in Michigan on Wednesday evening.

Trump was criticizing Schumer for supporting the “diversity visa lottery” program when he told the crowd Schumer used to “kiss my a–” while he was working in New York City as a real estate mogul.

“You know, Chuck Schumer. Cryin’ Chuck. Cryin’ Chuck Schumer. I used to be a big contributor,” Trump said at the campaign rally. “He used to kiss my a–, Chuck Schumer. He’d do anything. He would have done anything for me. Anything I asked him.”

Trump told the audience that he “didn’t need anything” from Schumer “but he would have done anything.”

“Find out how much money did I give or raise to Chuck Schumer and Chuck, give all that money back, please. Carolyn Maloney — give that money back,” Trump said, before alluding to the Democratic Party’s push for impeachment. “They act so pompous. They act so righteous. They’re not righteous. They are bad people. The far-left Democrats have never been more extreme than they are now.”