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Williams to Clintons: If Black Lives Matter, Accept Me as Your Son

Former President Bill Clinton takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 26, 2016. (Photo by Riccardo Savi/Sipa via AP Images)

WASHINGTON – Danney Williams, who has claimed that former President Bill Clinton is his father, questioned why Bill and Hillary Clinton refuse to accept him if black lives truly matter to them.

In the 1990s, it was reported that Bill Clinton had allegedly slept with an African-American prostitute, Bobbie Ann Williams, who gave birth to Danney in 1985. Williams explained that his mother went to prison when he was a child, prompting his aunt to take over as his legal guardian. He eventually went into foster care.

“I grew up in foster homes often going to bed hungry at night. I ended up dropping out of school and today I work construction. I dropped out of school to take care of my baby sisters and brothers. I always felt bad about my father not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? It’s not fair. It has been hurtful that [Bill Clinton] doesn’t want to acknowledge me. I am his only son in this world. He’s my only dad,” Williams said during a news conference this week at the National Press Club.

Since Bill Clinton has not agreed to a paternity test, Williams has asked Monica Lewinsky to allow a DNA test to be performed with her infamous blue dress. Williams wrote Lewinsky a letter on Tuesday that included his formal request for use of the dress.

“It would mean the world to me and my kids and I have to know who am I and maybe my father and stepmother Hillary will accept me one day,” Williams said. “I have to get a DNA test to prove I am their son once and for all. Miss Lewinsky, please help me.”

Contrary to some 1999 media reports, Williams said a comprehensive paternity test with Bill Clinton’s DNA sample was not performed.

“The Star however admitted that they did not have a valid sample of the former President’s DNA and instead relied on a written report on his DNA that was included in Ken Starr’s final report to the Congress on the Clinton Impeachment,” Williams wrote in the letter to Lewinsky, referring to a test allegedly performed in 1999 by Star magazine.

Williams said Hillary Clinton has “the power” to encourage Bill Clinton to provide a DNA sample.

“I heard Hillary say she spent her life helping children — she spent her life helping children. I mean, if black lives truly matter to her then why not mine? Why don’t you care about me, Hillary? Are you embarrassed about me? Hillary, are you ashamed of me? I am black. I am real. Hillary, please don’t deny my existence. You are my stepmother. Chelsea is my sister. Bill Clinton is my father,” Williams said. “Please just step up at this time and treat me like an equal member of your family. I heard her before say it takes a village to raise a kid. I just want her to accept me in her village today.”

Before he ended up in foster care, Williams said his aunt tried to reach out to Bill Clinton and visited the governor’s mansion in Arkansas. Williams claimed Hillary Clinton slammed the door in his aunt’s face.

“We were ran off the ground by security guards. After that we did receive money every month — 7 one hundred dollar bills and Christmas presents all the way up to 1993. The presents were delivered by Arkansas state troopers so I feel like my father, Bill Clinton, was trying to be a part of my life,” he said. “Former Arkansas state troops Larry Patterson has recently confirmed he is the one who delivered the Christmas presents. However, all of this ended when my father became president in 1993.”

According to website The Smoking Gun, Williams has been sued by the state of Arkansas for failing to pay child support. The website also reported that Williams has an arrest record.

“As detailed in Circuit Court filings, Williams pleaded guilty in 2005 to stealing a Cadillac that was parked in front of the owner’s Little Rock residence (the keys to the vehicle had been swiped during a burglary the prior day). While boosting the Cadillac, Williams somehow set off the vehicle’s alarm, prompting the owner to dial 911,” an article on the website read. “During a subsequent police chase, Williams crashed the car and fled from the Cadillac. He was apprehended by cops after a short foot chase.”

Rev. Randy Short, chairman of Brothers in Support of the Million Woman Movement, attended the news conference to support Williams in his quest to prove Bill Clinton is his father.

“Who cares who helps [Williams] after all he has suffered? In fact, as an African-American, it’s offensive to me when someone does come to help us, when we finally get it, we get criticized for getting help. Forgive me, it’s racist,” he said. “It’s racist when someone finally helps someone black, it’s wrong for us to take help from wherever it comes from. If it came from Trump, if it came from Putin, who cares if [Williams] is telling the truth.”