Election 2020

Salma Hayek on Trump: ‘He Has Never Done Anything for America’

Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek said Monday that Donald Trump’s defense of the leaked Access Hollywood video contradicts the message of his presidential campaign.

Trump called his language in the video released by The Washington Post “locker-room talk” but Hayek said Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is just “locker-room talk.”

Hayek questioned why voters would trust Trump to do “something for America when he has done nothing his entire life for America or for anybody else.”

“‘I said it, but I wouldn’t do it. I said it, but I didn’t do it,’ but then he says he is not a politician — that he does what he says. So, which one is it? I actually think that making America great again is also nothing but locker-room talk because he has never done anything for America. He says that his big claim that he’s done for America is that he’s created jobs for America,” Hayek said on a press call organized by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

“He didn’t create those jobs. He didn’t do business to create jobs for America. He did it to make himself rich. That’s what he knows how to do. All the resources he has and all the know-how that he has about making money, about making businesses, his whole entire life has been for his own benefit,” she added.

Hayek criticized Trump for saying that Clinton is proposing solutions now that she could have executed over her 30 years in public service.

“While he was doing a reality show with firing people, she was getting healthcare for the 9/11 first responders. His whole strategy for the campaign, because it’s not only him but it’s everybody who speaks for him, it’s worse than the politicians because the politicians, sometimes you ask them a tough question and they just tell you what they want to tell you,” she said.

“He doesn’t even do that. When you ask him a question he bullies and attacks Hillary and it’s the same for all of the people that work for him. They don’t have any answers, ladies and gentlemen. They just attack. He knows that he’s not qualified,” she added.

Hayek, 50, elaborated on a story recently reported about Trump befriending her former boyfriend at an event early in her career and asking her out on a date afterward – followed by an unflattering tabloid story after she rejected his advances.

“He didn’t treat me badly and this is really not that important. By the way, the Hillary campaign didn’t even know this story. It just came spontaneously and organically out of this question and it’s very simple. I had a boyfriend,” she explained. “We met [Trump] at an event and he started befriending my boyfriend at this event and he invited us to a dinner and after-party. We said no, he convinced us, we went.”

Hayek recalls Trump “becoming best friends” with her boyfriend so they all exchanged contact information after the event.

“He’s only calling me, not my boyfriend, to ask me out on a date,” she said. “He did say to me, ‘Why are you with this guy? He’s a nobody,’ because he was not famous and he was not rich,” Hayek said. “I found that appalling. It was not very nice.”

She claimed that Trump planted a story in the National Enquirer after she rejected his advances that claimed Trump refused to date Hayek because she was too short. According to Hayek, Trump called her after the story ran to deny what was said in the article.

“I think he was trying for me to feel humiliated and go out with him so people would see that I was not too short for him. I’m not humiliated about being short,” added the 5’2” actress.

Hayek said she has never spoken out publicly about any election until now.

“What is at stake in this election concerns all of us and the reason I am coming out for the first time and speaking is because I really think that one of the candidates for this election is not only wrong but is also dangerous,” she said.