Election 2020

Don King: Trump Campaign Helping ‘Rectify’ Racism

CLEVELAND – Boxing promoter Don King told PJM that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is bringing racism to “the fore” so society can “rectify” the problem.

King said some in the media have accused Trump of being a racist but that characterization is far from the truth.

“Trump has brought out all the racist tenets. He has brought out all the different variants of people, how they think, what they think and where they come from, so they accuse him of being a divider. They say that he is polarizing. No,” King said at the Republican National Convention on Thursday.

“He is exposing. We are already polarized. We are already divided. You know what I mean? All he’s doing is bringing it to the fore so now we can rectify it, arrest it and find a cure for it,” he added.

King said if the disease is exposed “you’ve got a chance to cure it.”

PJM asked King what the slogan “Make America Great Again” means to him – specifically, which time period he’d like to see America return to if Trump wins.

“They should go back to when it began. When it began it was great because they took 13 colonies and that’s why I wore this jacket – the spirit of America to take on the British Empire. Taxation without representation is tyranny. Not having a voice or participation in the laws you abide by: tyranny,” he said.

Trump focused much of his GOP primary campaign on opposition to the “rigged” primary system. King was asked if the Electoral College should be reformed since electoral votes are distributed on a winner-take-all basis in most states.

King told PJM Congress should change the Electoral College.

“This means you’re putting the destiny of your life, your children’s life and all your fellow Americans into the hands of people without restraints, constraints or control,” he said. “You think you are voting and making the president. You ain’t voting. You are voting and hoping the electors will go because the unbound electors don’t even have to give into whatever the statement of the commitment is to the voluntary vote. I mean, c’mon, he’s right, it’s rigged – and who else would say that and who else would bring it to light to learn?”

King also said Trump has turned bankruptcy into a “scientific art.”

“Who else do you know that can turn bankruptcy into an art? Usually you would be humiliated and you would be embarrassed, ‘Oh my God, I went bankrupt,’” he said. “He made it into a scientific art and made millions off of bankruptcy. You know what what I mean?”

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