Election 2020

Virginia Voters Explain Picks to PJM, from Bernie's Age to Hillary's 'Incestuous Change'

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Voters in Northern Virginia told PJM why they supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“I never dreamed I would be able to vote for a woman before I died,” said one voter in Alexandria, Va. “I love Bernie, but he’s 74. I’m 77 and I’m too damn tired to even clean my house. I don’t see how he can be president for the next four years — that’s why I didn’t vote for Bernie.”

Clinton would take office in 2017 at 69 years of age while Sanders would be 75.

Another Clinton supporter said Republican frontrunner Donald Trump impacted her decision.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton – my No. 1 primary reason to come out and vote is to make sure Donald Trump does not end up in office,” she said. “I’m really interested in education and healthcare. Honestly, those aren’t the reasons I am anti-Trump. I just can’t stand the great, ‘I have no plan but I do not like all of these people’ attitude. I don’t like that world.”

Two Republican voters explained why they supported Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“I voted for John Kasich because I think he’s the moderate Republican and the one, if I am going to vote for a Republican president, he would be the only one I would vote for,” a local real estate agent told PJM after casting his vote.

“His political views and his moderate views and having been the governor of a state — we only have two other candidates who have worked in government such as Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio, and for me John Kasich was closer to my own ideology.”

He was not sure if Kasich or Rubio would be able to beat Trump at this point. Another voter was confident Rubio could stop Trump’s rise. She said Rubio’s position on abortion influenced her to support him.

“I voted for Marco Rubio because he is for marriage between a man and a woman and he supports life at all stages,” said a young voter. “He did say he would rather lose the election than be wrong on the issue of life, meaning life beginning at conception, and I think that’s a really powerful, truthful, genuine statement and that’s a good reason to vote for him.”

A registered Republican said she crossed the aisle and voted for Sanders.

“I voted for Bernie Sanders because I didn’t like any of the top offerings on the Republican side, normally I’m Republican and Hillary I am not sure about so I went with Bernie,” she said.

PJM asked her which issue she thinks Sanders stands out on.

“Actually, I haven’t seen too much of him on the news or anything so I’m not exactly sure what he’s working for but I think he would probably be good,” she replied.

One man said he voted for Sanders to stop the Clinton dynasty.

“I don’t respect her for simply wanting to take over husband’s former position. In other words, I think it’s too incestuous whether it is her, the Bushes or whomever, so that’s why I think it is time to move in another direction,” he said.

“I just like his [Sanders] agenda a lot more. I like what he stands for and I like the fact that he is a lifelong activist and he does bring change, true change, not incestuous change.”