Election 2020

Breaking News from the Axis of Krazytown — President Hatch!

President Hatch! (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

On the Trending page, my colleague Rick Moran has further details concerning the ongoing mental breakdown of the #neverTrumpumpkins. Now along comes CNN — of all places! — with a handy roundup of the amazing cycle of indictments, impeachments, murders and other stuff bubbling up from the fever swamps of Krazytown:

For a moment last week, a part of the Internet thought Utah Senator Orrin Hatch was on the verge of becoming president of the United States.

The stage for the spectacle was set in early Thursday afternoon by Louise Mensch. A former member of British parliament, Mensch has received attention for being the first to report that the FBI had obtained a FISA warrant as part of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, though some of the details of her report were incorrect. In the past few months she has accused hundreds of people of being under Moscow’s influence, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “murdered” conservative media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, suggested Russia was operating a wifi network in her neighborhood, and alleged Russia “funded riots in Ferguson.”

On Thursday, in a pair of unproven reports on her website Patribotics, Mensch wrote that Hatch was “likely to become president” should President Trump be removed from office — because, she said, Trump and the next two people in the Constitutional line of succession were likely swept up in the Russian plot to sway the US election and, thus, ineligible for the presidency.

Mensch’s report — which neither CNN nor any other mainstream outlet has reporting to suggest is in any way true — claimed the “first arrests” in the FBI’s Russia probe were imminent and that both Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan would find themselves unable to ascend to the Oval Office because they likely were involved in “laundering Russian money.” The next person in the line of succession is the president pro-tempore of the Senate, a post Hatch currently holds.

Of course, the FBI raid that got Mensch so excited had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. But never mind! Get used to it: President Hatch. At least, that’s what Mensch and her madcap followers and colleagues in this fantasy would have you believe.

Mensch is a Brit import with some issues in her past, who writes at her wild n’ wacky Patribotics blog, asserting counter-factuals with a glee that would shame Monty Python’s parrot-shop proprietor. She’s fixated on the Russians-stole-the-election meme cooked up Hillary Clinton and John Podesta within a day of Hillary’s face-plant in the Electoral College — a meme that, shamefully, has been amplified by the MSM with an unending series of unsourced, unattributed “reports” of hearsay, straight up.

But this where she and her fellow nutters get dangerous:


Russia is not an enemy of the United States — the Soviet Union was. Russia is now an adversary. Enemies must be defeated; adversaries can be neutralized or even turned. But the constant drumbeat of “Russia” on the part of the deracinated Left and its fellow travelers on the Right does every American a disservice. Hopefully, newly appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller will swiftly dispose of this arrant and increasingly dangerous nonsense.

In the meantime, please keep in mind:

  • the Russians did not “hack” or meaningfully affect the 2016 election.
  • President Trump is not a Russian agent.
  • Hillary Clinton will never be president.
  • the Democrats need to accept the results of the election, just as they demanded the Republicans do.
  • there is a massive disinformation campaign being waged against the American people, propagated by a hostile media.
  • cleaning the Deep State house is a huge job, and will take years.
  • the media needs a thorough housecleaning and fumigation.

This is the real war, and it has just begun.