Election 2020

Hillary for Mayor? Not So Fast, Says Friend

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

A rumor floated around last week that perennial loser Hillary Clinton — the female Harold Stassen of the Democrat Party — might be interested in carpetbagging once more in the formerly great state of New York, and in particular the City of New York, a place where she’s never lived a day in her life. Comes now this word from the New York Post:

Don’t hold out for Hillary Clinton to take on Bill de Blasio for New York City mayor, a top Clinton confidante said Sunday. “I don’t expect her to ever run for any elected office again,” former Clinton aide Neera Tanden told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Politicos are practically begging Clinton to run for New York City mayor to challenge de Blasio, Clinton’s former Senate campaign manager who was slow to endorse her for president. But after her devastating loss to Donald Trump, Tanden said Clinton will seek to stay relevant outside of the ballot box.

“I think she’s going to figure out ways to help kids and families. That’s been what she’s been focused on her whole life, and a lot of issues that are affecting them, over the next couple of years,” said Tanden, head of the Center for American Progress.

New York City has never had a female mayor.

And with any luck, it won’t for at least a few more years yet. Bill de Blasio, the former Warren Wilhelm, Jr., has been such a predictable disaster that even leftist New Yorkers (a redundancy, I know) are heartily sick of him. And it’s possible — although given HRC’s track record, not certain — that Hillary could beat a typical GOP sacrificial offering. But up against a real candidate, one who promised to follow in Rudy Giuliani’s footsteps and clean up the liberals’ customary mess, she would probably lose.