Election 2020

Dear Media: Drop Dead -- Love, Donald J. Trump *UPDATED*

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Welcome to the age of the Twitter and YouTube presidency:

Adios, TPP. Hello new trade deals.

Auf wiedersehen, “climate change,” hello new energy-sector jobs.

Want to write a new regulation, EPA? — you gotta eliminate two old ones.

On immigration — new sheriff in town.

Revolving-door Beltway Bandits? Cool your heels for five years. Or maybe for life.

And more.

Oh yeah, the media? Take a look at this.

Stay tuned.

Update on net page.

UPDATE: The Washington Post has more here. Some choice nuggets:

President-elect Donald Trump met Monday with television news executives and some well-known TV journalists and repeatedly told them the campaign reporting about him was “unfair” and “dishonest.” Participants in the meeting at Trump Tower in New York described it as a contentious but generally respectful gathering.

But if the media elite attended in hopes of improving relations with the forthcoming Trump administration, that wasn’t quite in the cards. The president-elect specifically called out reporting by CNN and NBC that he deemed unfair, according to four people who attended the meeting, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity because the meeting was off the record…

Instead of striking a harmonious tone to build rapport following the election, Trump was combative, participants said. In a calm and deliberate voice, he told the group sitting around a conference table that they had failed to provide their viewers with fair and accurate coverage, and told them they failed to understand him or his appeal to millions of Americans.

Trump showed no love for the media during the long campaign, calling reporters the “lowest form of humanity.” And on Monday he repeatedly used the words “unfair” and “dishonest” to describe the coverage, participants said.

The media, like the Hun, is always either at your feet or at your throat. Let’s see which way the titans of Sixth Avenue fall.