Election 2020

The Two Americas, Graphically Illustrated

The Two Americas, Graphically Illustrated
(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Terrific, informative graphic by the New York Times showing which bits of America belong to the GOP and which to the Democrats.

Geographically, Donald J. Trump won most of the land area of the United States. A country consisting of areas he won retains more than 80 percent of the nation’s counties. While Trump country is vast, its edges have been eroded by coastal Democrats, and it is riddled with large inland lakes of Clinton voters who were generally concentrated in dense urban areas.


Hillary’s America, by contrast, is minuscule — only 15 percent of the American land mass, according to the Times.

Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, but Mr. Trump won many of the suburbs, isolating the cities in a sea of Republican voters. Mrs. Clinton’s island nation has large atolls and small island chains with liberal cores, like college towns, Native American reservations and areas with black and Hispanic majorities. While the land area is small, the residents here voted for Mrs. Clinton in large enough numbers to make her the winner of the overall popular vote.

Click on the link for a map showing just how small her geographic appeal is. At the current count, she beat Trump in the popular vote, but that doesn’t matter — to win a presidential race, it depends on where you get the votes, not how many overall. The 1960 Yankees beat the bejeezus out of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the games they won — but the Pirates won the series, 4-3.

The Yankees, winners of their 10th pennant in 12 years, outscored the Pirates 55–27 in this Series, outhit them 91–60, outbatted them .338 to .256, hit 10 home runs to Pittsburgh’s four (three of which came in Game 7), got two complete-game shutouts from Whitey Ford—and lost.