Election 2020

Beta Males for Hillary!

The 2016 election would not even be close were it not for the passage of the 19th Amendment during the so-called “progressive” era, a benighted period in our nation’s history that saw four major constitutional mistakes in a row in the 16th (income tax), 17th (direct election of senators), 18th (Prohibition) and 19th amendments. While it’s probably too late to ask Real American women to take one for the team and punt the franchise for the greater good of the republic, the repeal of nos. 16 and 17 remains a possibility, however distant.

Yes, it’s women who will elect the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, if elected she be, and this in a country where the old saying went, “There’ll never be a woman president.” Women, and a few guys like this:


So who are these fellows? The Bible of Beta-Maleness, the New York Times, has the poop:

Brian Methe, an artist who lives in Cincinnati, had a thought. Wouldn’t it help the chances of his preferred presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, if he were to design a simple, powerful image that could have the same effect as the “Hope” poster made by Shepard Fairey for Barack Obama’s 2008 run?

So Mr. Methe, 41, who has done graphic design work for the bands Wilco and the Avett Brothers, among others, created a rendering of Hillary Clinton that shows her in profile, with the slogan “I’m With Her” in the upper right corner. The color scheme is red, white and blue.

He was proud of what he had made, but when the image hit social media, the reactions from fellow adult males on Facebook were often angry:

“Does it come with darts?”

“I want the orange jumpsuit version.”

“I’ll use it as toilet paper.”

Ouch! Time to, um, man up!

“But why do people feel the need to do this hyper-vetting of Hillary Clinton?” said Mr. Methe, who has offered to volunteer for the Clinton campaign. “Is it because she is a Clinton, because she is attached to the Clinton dynasty, or is it simply because she is a woman?

“It almost seems like it’s this clash of man versus woman. If you are a man and believe in red-blooded American things, then you vote for Trump. It seems like there is a real firm dividing line between one and the other.”

Could it be that such politically incorrect statements are… true? In any case, the Times piece goes on and on in much the same vein, as Generation Weenie ponders the mystery of why men are repelled by Hillary Clinton. You almost expect Dorothy Michaels to show up and… wait! Here she is now, to deliver the final, echt-Timesian riposte to all the sweaty, lecherous alpha males shoveling coal on the Trump Train…

(In case you’re one of the few human beings who’ve never seen Tootsie, mild language warning.)


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