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Speaker Ryan Calls for End to Hillary's Security Briefings

Speaker Ryan Calls for End to Hillary's Security Briefings
Evita, Evita.... (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

As I noted here, why the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua — a proven security risk — should still be receiving classified briefings is a disgrace to any self-respecting country. Now Paul Ryan piles on:

On Monday, in response to a request I made last week, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that he would not refrain from providing classified information to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the duration of the presidential campaign. That’s a dangerous call. Here’s why he should reconsider:

One thing is clear from the FBI’s investigation of Clinton: She recklessly mishandled classified information. Clinton set up not one but multiple unauthorized servers from which she sent and received tens of thousands of sensitive government emails, including more than 100 that contained classified information at the time they were sent. These emails went completely unprotected.

The consequences for the safety of our nation are grave. Clinton’s actions may have allowed our enemies to access intelligence vital to our national security. The FBI found that hostile actors could very well have gained access to classified information sent and received by Clinton, her staff and their contacts. In fact, the FBI confirmed that hostile actors did indeed gain access to the private commercial email accounts of people with whom Clinton was in regular contact from her unauthorized account. According to FBI Director James B. Comey, a standard Gmail account would have been more secure than what she used.

That muffled, choking sound in the background is the Left proclaiming that Hillary has been “completely exonerated” by a pliant FBI director, James Comey, but feel free to ignore it; for some strange reason, the Clintons are always being investigated by various law-enforcement bodies — for them, it’s just the cost of running their racket. Along with various payoffs, settlements, disbarments, law-license suspensions, etc.

The FBI’s recommendation not to pursue charges against Clinton is based on the belief that she did not intend to endanger our national security. Instead, Comey called her and her staff “extremely careless.” However, her actions do not seem careless at all. In fact, Clinton’s actions seem quite careful — careful to place her own interests before our national security. Setting up multiple unauthorized email servers is quite an undertaking. Ask any IT expert. Transmitting tens of thousands of government emails does not amount to one or two thoughtless mistakes but a calculated series of choices made over the course of several years.

Moreover, it wasn’t just Clinton’s job to know what was classified — it was her job to decide what was classified.

Then again, as president (shudder), not only will she be exempt from those pesky security clearances, but she’ll be the final authority on what merits classification. It’s the dream of every criminal organization to run the police department and the district attorney’s office; as Thomas Dewey noted about the criminal gang that ran Hot Springs, Ark., (Bill Clinton’s home town) back when Tammany South was a major force in gangland:

The whole crowd are a complete ring: the Chief of Police, the Chief of Detectives, the Mayor and the City Attorney.

And that’s the future the Clintons envision for us.