Election 2020

Behold the #NeverTrumpumpkins -- Out and Proud

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles after speaking at a campaign rally at West Chester University, Monday, April 25, 2016, in West Chester, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

There is no principle — none — that demands that, in answer to a “higher morality” that only you and a few others perceive, you therefore have an obligation to vote for a declared enemy. With that said:

The #NeverTrump hashtag has been reborn in a new Political Action Committee, Republicans For Hillary, that aims to convert Trump-disaffected GOP constituents in Clinton voters.

Craig Snyder, creator of Republicans For Hillary PAC and former Republican staffer, has a background working in politics, most notably running for Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District in 1992, as well as chief of staff for former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter from 1992-1997. Snyder also started IKON, a public affairs firm, with Trump supporter Roger Stone. Snyder filed paperwork Friday and created a website for Republicans For Hillary.

The key phrase here is, of course, “Sen. Arlen Specter,” the former GOP senator-turned-Democrat senator from Pennsylvania and, incidentally, the guy who came up with the single-bullet theory of the Kennedy Assassination. (He was right about that.) Turncoatism seems to be perfectly thinkable when one’s “higher morality” is so fluid as to support a talentless, inimical, mendacious, amoral hack who just so happens to be the wife of a former Democrat president, a la Eva Peron.

Evita, Evita, Evita...

Evita, Evita, Evita…

Gee somebody should write a musical about what happens when otherwise good people become so blinded by illusory “principle” and hate that they destroy what they profess to love:

Well, at least we now know exactly who these people are. What, one wonders, will these folks say if and when Hillary Rodham Clinton — the first presidential candidate to run for office while under FBI investigation for crimes involving national security — is referred to the “Justice Department” for prosecution?

Our descent into banana-republicanism continues apace. Oh, what a circus.