Election 2020

As Polls Tighten, Unease Grips Dowager Empress's Chappaqua Throne Room

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

If you think things are bad on the Stupid Party side of this fall’s election, take a look at what’s happening across the aisle with the Evil Party. The waddling Dowager Empress of Chappaqua is unable to put away a doddering old “socialist” who’s never had a real job in his life, while the specter of Donald Trump creeps increasingly closer to Lady Macbeth’s falling poll numbers.

A new Reuters head-to-head national general-election poll of likely voters puts Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump at a mere one point—41 percent to 40 percent with 19 percent of respondents undecided. It’s not the only recent poll that has showed a close race, and Clinton’s lead over Trump in RealClearPolitics’ running average has shrunk a bit (she currently leads 47.3–40.9). We are legally required to mention here that it’s still too early to ascribe that much predictive power to general-election polls, and Trump might be reaping an advantage that’s only temporary from having fully wrapped up the nomination before Clinton’s final rival has dropped out. Some Bernie Sanders supporters who are going to come around to Hillary once she’s the official Democratic nominee might still be telling pollsters they’re undecided, given Clinton and Trump as their only choices.

And yet! The race does not currently appear to be a blowout, and that itself is news. While Trump will have a lot of difficulty coming out ahead in November for demographic reasons, that doesn’t mean there aren’t voters that Clinton still needs to win over. On that subject, there’s a pretty interesting piece in the Washington Post today by Greg Sargent about what Clinton operatives are hearing from focus groups of undecided voters. To put it bluntly, most people in the focus groups are already convinced that Trump is an asshole—but they’re still willing to believe he’stheir asshole, specifically when it comes to taxes and the economy. The Clinton team’s biggest takeaway from its research, Sargent reports, is that undecided voters don’t realize the extent to which Trump’s stated proposals would benefit rich people like him.

That’s putting it bluntly, but vulgarity aside, it’s also one of the big problems Hillary is going to have. People see in Trump a vulgar rich blowhard who’s larking for president — but in Mrs. Clinton they see a chiseling, ambitious, talentless, vengeful harpie who thinks the world owes her a living for having put up with Bubba all these years. Big difference.

Meanwhile, the resemblance to 1968 in growing ever more intense as the Dems start dusting off their tire irons and polishing up their brass knuckles. What’s happening in Vegas is not staying in Vegas:

Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed in Las Vegas on Saturday and it got so out of hand, cops descended on the ballroom and threatened arrests. Convention attendee and YouTube user Anie H. posted several photos of the action, as announcements were made over the loud speaker to leave the Paris Hotel or risk being arrested.

She said Las Vegas Metropolitan police entered from the back of the room and went to the front, and “they are literally going to force us to leave the room.” As she spoke, people could be seen shouting and waving their fists and signs. “So much for unity,” she said, as a man could be heard yelling, “Sit down!”

“We need a medic in the front, we need a medic in the front,” a woman could be heard saying.

It’s not 1968 year, but it’s heading that way. Enjoy: