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[WATCH] Trump Slaps Down CBS News Correspondent Paula Reid

President Trump. Source: Ninian Reid / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Those press briefings really are a joy to watch, aren’t they? Yes, it’s extremely annoying to have to listen to sanctimonious fake journalists, but it’s awesome to see how President Trump deals with them. Never before was a president so unafraid of the mainstream media. Better yet, not only is he unafraid, he actually despises them — and he makes no effort to hide his true feelings about them either.

Case in point, the president’s response to CBS News reporter Paula Reid when she asked him why there are no consequences for China for the misinformation they share(d) about the new coronavirus.

“How do you know that?” Trump answered her. “How do you know there are no consequences?”

Reid quickly changed tacks and asked: “What are the consequences?”

Trump: “China will find out. Why would I tell you?”

Reid persisted: “They are stonewalling…”

“No, you started off by saying why are there no consequences… How do you know there are no consequences,” the president continued.  “You’re going to find out.”

Amazingly, being the anti-Trump fake journalist she is, Reid tried it again. That’s when the president delivered the final knockout punch. “I wouldn’t tell you,” he said. “You’d probably be the last person on earth I’d tell.”

Watch it: