Election 2020

Crazy Socialist AOC Breaks With Even Crazier Socialist Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Source: Bernie Sanders / Twitter.

It doesn’t get much more hilarious than this: with Bernie Sanders’ defeat imminent, his supposedly “loyal” fellow-socialist travelers are quickly distancing themselves from the Vermont senator. Case in point: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is suddenly making amends with the Democratic Party’s leadership.

The relationship between AOC and Bernie “began to break down in early February,” the New York Post reports. That’s when Sanders’ campaign manager Faix Shakir sent an angry text message to AOC’s campaign manager because his girl-boss had “forgotten” to mention Sanders by name when she hosted a supposed Bernie campaign event at the University of Iowa.

Furthermore, AOC has also all but broken with the Justice Democrats. That’s a progressive (socialist!) PAC that supported her in 2018 — and played a vital role in her getting elected. The PAC is a passionate supporter of Bernie and tries to force the Democratic Party to the left by throwing its weight behind socialist candidates running in congressional primaries against moderate Democrats.

AOC has endorsed only two of the PAC’s candidates. Two.

Oh, and instead of joining forces with the PAC that helped her kickstart her political campaign, she created her own progressive PAC earlier this year—a PAC that only wants to push progressive Democrats in GOP-held seats.

Lastly, there’s this:

The 30-year-old progressive is building new coalitions with fellow House Democrats, trying to work more within the complex congressional system and picking fights with her own party far less, according to the outlet. Politico also reported that the congresswoman is abandoning her plans for a “corporate-free” caucus with the goal of forcing House leadership to move further to the left.

And so we are now seeing The Great Shift from AOC. She started out as a firebrand Marxist in the vein of Hugo Chavez, but when she’s done she’ll be a second Nancy Pelosi: a career politician who’ll do everything and anything for power.

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