Election 2020

Never Trumpers in Panic Mode: We Must Stop a 'Socialist in the Dem Primary'

Matthew Lewis / Flickr (Public Domain)

Supposedly “conservative” Never Trumpers are losing it. The reason? They realize that Bernie Sanders may very well end up being the Democrats’ presidential nominee. That’s a nightmare scenario for them because although they’re fervently anti-Trump, they are also still presenting themselves as “conservatives.” A supposedly principled conservative can’t possibly defend Crazy Marxist Bernie, not even when he’s taking on the Bad Orange Man.

Case in point, Matt K. Lewis, senior columnist for The Daily Beast, CNN contributor, and (cough, ahem) principled conservative Twitter-user:

The “Buckley rule” is that you have to vote for the most electable conservative candidate running. Hilariously, Lewis is using that rule with regard to the Democratic Party. According to Lewis, Biden is the most conservative candidate who can still win that party’s nomination, and so he and his fellow “conservative” Never Trumpers have to vote for him in the Democrats’ primary.

That’s hilarious. Biden isn’t “the most conservative” candidate. The best that can be said for him is that he’s not as radically progressive as Sanders. That doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near conservative, however. He’s not even a centrist. His policies are all well to the left of the center.

However, “conservative” (haha) Never Trumpers like Lewis simply don’t have anything else to work with. They’ve put themselves in a terrible bind by constantly pretending that President Trump is a wannabe dictator. Like you and me, they look at his policies and can’t help but conclude that they’re quite conservative overall, but hey, they’ve been hating on him for four years now! There’s no turning back for them. They have to vote for the Democrats’ candidate. Somebody has to stop “Hitler!”

But then, Democrats are on the brink of nominating Stalin! Suddenly, Never Trumpers like Matt realize that they’re in very serious trouble. How can they pretend to be “principled” if they vote for Stalin?

They can’t, of course, and they know it.

Oh yes. The entire Never Trump movement of “principled conservatives” will soon go down in flames… and it’s going to be beautiful to watch.

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