Election 2020

#War: Bloomberg Plans Massive Media Onslaught to Destroy Bernie Sanders

Michael Bloomberg wants to become the 46th president of the United States. Source: Boss Tweed / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

It’s going to get hot and dirty in the Democrats’ primary race! It took them a while, but Mike Bloomberg’s campaign has finally decided to come out swinging against Bernie Sanders. And you know what that means: hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent in a major effort to take down the socialist frontrunner.

CNBC reports that senior aides to Bloomberg’s campaign have discussed the matter for some time, and are now prepared to go all-out. They plan a multipronged attack, including the publication of opposition research on the commie candidate. Of course, they’ll also push out “digital attack ads on Sanders’ record.”

Bloomberg’s campaign will also “attempt to highlight negative aspects of his record on race relations both as a congressman and senator.” This part of the assault is basically payback for Sanders’ criticism of Bloomberg because of the latter’s past support for stop-and-frisk.

Lastly, Bloomberg campaign officials are discussing the possibility of having surrogates and supporters write op-eds and appear on TV to condemn Sanders. Or, as I prefer to call it: to unmask the communist wacko and show the entire world just how extreme and dangerous he is.

As a libertarian, I have little love for Mike Bloomberg. The guy is the Nanny State personified. If there were ever a technocrat running for president, it would be him. He’s terrible. Natural rights don’t exist in his eyes. Personal rights are at best an obstacle standing in the way of an “efficient” government.

But, by God, he’s not even almost as terrible as Bernie Sanders. Bernie is the American version of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. That’s not an exaggeration. He truly is that radical.

Let’s hope that Bloomberg — however terrible he is — succeeds in taking down Sanders and his sick Marxist ideology. If he doesn’t, chances are not only that Red Bernie will win the Democratic presidential nomination, but also that — no matter the eventual result this year — the Democrat Party will be taken over by his ideological heirs… and they, I’m afraid, will end up winning a presidential election eventually.

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