Election 2020

Pete Buttigieg Brings 9-Year-Old Boy on Stage to Announce He's Gay

Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks with an AP reporter at Farmers Market in South Bend, Ind., Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

In what must be one of the most troubling political rallies hosted by Mayor Pete up to this point, the former South Bend mayor turned Democrat presidential candidate invited a 9-year-old boy to come on stage to announce to the entire world that he’s gay.

Yes, you read that right. Mayor Pete encouraged a boy of not even ten years old to come out of the closet. On stage. During a presidential campaign.

In a question submitted to the Buttigieg campaign, the boy thanked the Democrat “for being so brave.” Because “I want to be brave like you,” he added, he asked him for help to “tell the world I’m gay, too.”

Instead of telling the boy that he didn’t have to concern himself with such issues considering that he hasn’t reached puberty yet and can, therefore, literally not know to whom or what he’s attracted. Buttigieg praised the young Zachary. “I don’t think you need a lot of advice for me on bravery. You seem pretty strong to me,” Buttigieg said. “It took me a long time to figure out how to tell even my best friend that I was gay, let alone to go out there and tell the world and to see you willing to come to terms with who you are in a room full of 1,000 people, thousands of people you’ve never met that’s, that’s really something.”

He then told him “a couple of things that might be useful.” The first thing? “It won’t always be easy, but that’s okay, because you know who you are. And that’s really important because when you know who you are, you have a center of gravity that can hold you together when all kinds of chaos is happening around you.”

But wait a minute, Pete, that’s the problem here, isn’t it? Even those who believe one’s sexuality is genetically determined agree that you only find out about it, as it were, when the hormones in the body start taking off, which is during puberty. Poor Zachary — who attended the rally with his parents! — is much too young to “know” anything about with whom he wants to have sexual relations. In that regard, then, he cannot possibly know “who he is” — except for a very confused boy who desperately wants to be big.

Secondly, Buttigieg said, he always has to keep in mind “who’s taking their lead from you, who’s watching you and deciding that they can be a little braver because you have been brave.”

Sure, Pete. If you were truly mindful of the above you should have used this opportunity to bring some sanity back into the LHBTQ-craziness. But no, instead of doing so, you actually used a confused little boy as a stage prop to score some cheap sympathy points with voters. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

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