Election 2020

Crazy Bernie Heads Into NH With 7-Point Lead on Buttigieg; Biden Nowhere in Sight

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

According to the final 7 News/Emerson College poll before New Hampshire Democrats actually go out and vote in their state’s primary, Marxist Senator Bernie Sanders holds a commanding lead over his closest competitor, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, seems to be imploding.

The poll has Sanders in the lead with 30 percent. He’s followed by Buttigieg. Twenty-three percent of Democrat primary voters say they intend to vote for the mayor from Indiana. The two male frontrunners are far ahead of the rest of the pack. Senator Amy Klobuchar receives 14 percent. and Elizabeth Warren gets a mere 11 percent, while the supposed “national frontrunner,” Joe Biden, has to settle for a pathetic 10 percent.

Although Sanders goes into primary day with a clear lead and, therefore, as the big favorite, momentum is with Buttigieg. Support for him increased by a full three percentage points in just one day’s time. If that trend continues, he’ll get very close to Sanders, especially since the margin of error of the poll is 4.3 percent. In theory, he could even overtake Sanders. For that to happen, though, everything has to go exactly his way. That’s possible, but not likely.

Other than that, the biggest conclusion to be drawn from this poll is that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are in big, big trouble. If they do indeed end up in fourth and fifth place with barely more than 10 percent, they’re both done. According to Emerson, they could theoretically go up, but today’s results have them losing support, not gaining it. In other words, momentum is against them.

What’s possibly even worse for Biden is that only 14 percent of New Hampshire Democrats believe he’ll be the Democrat nominee. That’s a disaster for Mr. Pottymouth. After all, his entire message to voters is that he’s inevitable. They have to get behind him because he’ll win anyway and not accepting that Truth will just embolden and strengthen their shared enemy, the Orange Man.

After New Hampshire, Democrats may very well end up with Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner, Mayor Pete as his main challenger, Sen. Klobuchar as the possible maverick candidate… and Biden’s and Warren’s campaigns on life support — or even dead.

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