Election 2020

Biden to New Hampshire Voter: 'You're a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier'

Then Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton on Sept. 1, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Dermer)

If you thought life couldn’t possibly get more difficult for Joe Biden, after he had to settle for a horrific fourth place in Iowa, I’ve got quite a surprise for you: yes it could. And the former vice president has no one to blame but himself.

Just watch this video of Biden talking to a voter in New Hampshire who asks him why they should trust he can turn his campaign around. Well, Biden asks the lady who dared asked him this “good question” (his words), “have you ever been to a caucus?” When she answers in the affirmative, he lashes out at her.

“No, you haven’t,” Biden responds. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.” In case those present thought he was kidding, he made sure to explain that he was just “being honest.”

Imagine being one of Biden’s advisors. Before a town hall, you force him to sit down and listen to what you’ve got to say. You come up with a great game plan. Oh yes, he’s going to repeat ad nauseam that he was President Obama’s right-hand man. He will emphasize constantly that, unlike all the other top candidates, he actually has valid, useful experience. He has been a top-ranking, highly influential senator and the nation’s vice president. He knows what it takes to govern the country and to deal with foreign governments.

What’s more, you and he agree that he’ll say he’s able to reach out to independents and blue-collar workers. Democrats need those voters if they want to beat Trump. Biden can do that. The socialist hack Bernie Sanders cannot.

So he walks up the stage and you are all hopeful and confident. This is going to be great. Next thing you know, he calls a critical but interested female voter a liar and a “dog-faced pony soldier” on top of it.

How can you, as his campaign adviser, not be suicidal?

This guy is the worst candidate in the history of presidential elections — not just in the United States, but elsewhere too.

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