Election 2020

Racist CNN Says Iowa Shouldn't Be First State to Vote: 'It's 90% White!'

On Monday night, CNN contributor Van Jones argued that Iowa shouldn’t be the first state to vote because too many of its inhabitants are white. This, he said, is absolutely ridiculous. Because as we all know, whites only vote for white interests. Yep, those darned whites are all inherently racist. Right?

“This is a debacle,” an angry Jones said about the mess in Iowa Monday. “If there is a technical problem they’re not disclosing, we could be very late on this. I just think that the idea of a caucus has failed to meet the viability threshold. The idea of the caucus itself has failed to meet the viability threshold.”

So far, so good. There’s certainly something to say for that. Let people vote and immediately go home. There’s no need for any caucuses.

Sadly, however, that’s when Jones went full racist. “We’ve all been saying the whole time, why Iowa in the first place? It’s 90 percent white.” The Democratic Party, he went on to say, is very “diverse.” So the first primary or caucus states should reflect that “diversity.”

To make matters even worse, Jones’ racist statements were backed up by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. “Ninety percent of the caucus-goers today were white. Well, if you take the whole landscape of the election, it’s 60 percent. So it’s way skewed out of line,” he rambled.

Imagine the outrage if a conservative had said this about a state with a larger than average Black or Hispanic community. CNN’s contributors would’ve fallen all over themselves to condemn the horrific racism. Heck, they’d demand the person be prosecuted for this “hate speech.” But because they’re talking about whites, we should all just accept it.

CNN was always a left-wing news channel, but they’ve truly gone off the deep end in recent years.

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