Election 2020

Des Moines Register Endorses Lyin' Lizzie -- And It Won't Help Her One Bit

(Rex Features via AP Images)

According to the Des Moines Register, Elizabeth Warren “will push an unequal America in the right direction.” This is why the Iowa newspaper has endorsed her with only a few weeks go to until the Iowa caucuses.

“Who would make the best president at this point in the country’s history? At a time when the economic deck has become so stacked against working Americans that the gap between rich and poor is the highest in more than 50 years?” the apparently hardline Marxist newspaper cries and nags. “At a time when a generation of war has stressed military families and sapped the treasury?

Their conclusion? America desperately needs Mrs. Pocahontas. And fast. Oh yes, Lyin’ Lizzie is, the newspaper’s editorial board explains, clearly “the best leader for these times.” After all, she too is an ideological progressive willing to destroy individual rights and the nation’s finances in order to forcibly make everybody “equal.”

Hilariously, the Des Moines Register continues by claiming that Warren isn’t a progressive socialist at all. Actually, “she is a capitalist.”

“But,” the endorsement says, “she wants fair markets, with rules and accountability. She wants a government that works for people, not one corrupted by cash.”

Of course, this is all progressive-speak for: massive government interference. Clearly, the Des Moines Register plays this age-old socialist game very well indeed. Almost like they’re experts at it — just like Warren herself. To make this point, they even remind us that Warren was a Republican in 1996.

In any case, the good news is that while the endorsement may be “much-coveted” according to leftwing members of the Media Cartel, it actually has zero impact on the outcome of the Iowa caucuses:

Ah well, mayhaps that Lyin’ Lizzie will end up a solid third… or fourth in Iowa. That’s something for her “women’s empowerment” campaign, isn’t it?

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