Election 2020

Tulsi Gabbard Volunteers Find Dozens of Signs Defaced With Hammer-and-Sickle Logos

Tulsi Gabbard speaking in Iowa. Source: Phil Roeder / Youth Voice Presidential Forum / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

Just when you thought that Democrats couldn’t possibly play it any dirtier they prove that they are, in fact, capable of just that. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the so-called progressive left is really labeling their fellow party members Russian stooges… and that’s only because those fellow Democrats have the audacity to disagree with the foreign policy establishment. “Roving journalist” Michael Tracey reports on Twitter that Tulsi Gabbard volunteers claim they have found “dozens of signs around New Hampshire defaced with a hammer-and-sickle logo.”

The dig at the sick minds who foster this culture of Red Scare in the Democratic Party is, of course, well deserved.

Not only is the accusation against Tulsi specifically ridiculous, it’s also downright hypocritical. After all, the entire leadership of the Democratic Party is siding with Russia against President Trump’s hit on terror mastermind General Soleimani. If those who defaced the Tulsi signs are serious about their Red Hunt, they’d better focus on Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and that African American dude who isn’t welcome at the Democrats’ presidential debates.

In any case, it’s fascinating to see just how far the Democratic Party’s elites are willing to take their “OMG RUSSIA” routine. That they use it against President Trump is already insane, but that they’re willing to employ this pathetic little strategy against fellow Democrats? Man, that’s downright shocking.

We already knew that the likes of Hillary Clinton love accusing Gabbard of being a Russian asset. Clearly, though, her footsoldiers who are out and about in New Hampshire are willing to run with it. I mean, the chances of Hillary (or Biden or Warren, etc.) doing this personally are rather slim. No, this is most likely being done by low-level activists.

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