Election 2020

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: Progressive Insiders Want Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Run for President

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

This is downright frightening: according to leftwing website Politico, progressive insiders and activists “are increasingly whispering about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez inheriting the movement one day — and running for the White House with it behind her.”

We on the right love to laugh at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she’s also known. She’s a fool. She favors policies that America can’t even almost afford. She’s so radically pro-open borders that she’ll destroy the Democratic Party’s chances of winning next year if she becomes one of its most vocal spokespeople.

However, there is a major problem: progressive activists and other kinds of leftwing radicals are starting to push her to play a more prominent role in national politics. See this article at Politico.com for example. In it, some (purposefully chosen) leftist activists and “insiders” are interviewed, all of whom say that AOC is the future of their movement — and, they hope, of the Democratic Party.

As Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, president of the California Young Democrats, puts it: “The future of the Democratic Party is not Pete Buttigieg. It’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has gripped the attention of fellow millennials across the country. The Green New Deal has changed the conversation on environmental action in the Democratic Party.”

According to Politico itself, AOC has shown that “she can excite Democrats in critical early-voting states” while campaigning for Bernie Sanders. “The largest crowds at any presidential candidate event this year featured Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. The events have allowed Ocasio-Cortez to hone her stump speech, which is not focused solely on Sanders and often includes long passages about her progressive vision,” the “report” (it’s actually a pro-AOC propaganda piece) continues.

Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, even said that having AOC’s support is extremely helpful to Bernie Sanders. Considering that she’s nothing more than a first-term member of Congress, whereas he came in second in the Democratic Party’s primaries last go-around that’s pretty amazing. “It reminded folks of his strength and support that he received in 2016,” Buckley said.

Apparently, progressives are so fond of AOC that they think Sanders needs her rather than the other way around.

Did I say, “amazing?” Sorry, I meant scary. After all, Sanders is already 78 years old. AOC, on the other hand, is only 30 years old. Thirty! She can — and likely will — end up being an important political player for years, even decades to come.

Combine that with Millennials’ love for socialism and we’ve got ourselves a real problem on our hands.

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