Election 2020

Trump's Attorney Slams Democrats: They 'Campaign on Socialism While Coveting Celebrity Endorsements'

Jenna Ellis on Fox & Friends. (Source: Fox News / Twitter / @JennaEllisEsq)

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Sunday, Jenna Ellis slammed Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for constantly criticizing billionaires while, at the same time, cuddling up to rich Hollywood stars.

“Donald Trump has the biggest endorsement, which is the American people,” Trump’s senior legal adviser said when talking about all the singers and actors that have endorsed this or that Democrat for president. Ellis couldn’t care less about them, and neither could Trump. “His approval ratings are sky-high right now, and that’s really all that matters.”

What’s more, Ellis said, “the Democrats are actually the hypocrites here because you have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are talking against billionaires, and then they’re sitting down with billionaires wanting their endorsements. So what’s really the mixed message there?”

“I think,” she went on to say, “that the hypocrisy of Democrats is really showing when you have Bernie Sanders sitting down in a diner with Susan Sarandon. I don’t think that’s really inspiring motivation there. And we were talking about Kevin Costner in the green room… I couldn’t even remember his name, so it’s really stark that Pete Buttigieg, who’s really the B-list candidate, is getting the B-list celebrity endorsement. So, again, I don’t think it’s going to help them. At all.”

Ouch, that was almost below the belt. Wonderfully said, though.

Of course, Ellis is 100 percent correct. Democrats are incredibly hypocritical to seek celebrities’ endorsements. All those “stars” are wealthy because of American capitalism. Without it, nobody would know who they are and most of them would undoubtedly be serving you and me drinks in some rundown café in the middle of nowhere. It’s great for them that they’re so successful — I wish it for everybody. But you can’t decry the rich and capitalism every single day while simultaneously going on the stump with famed actors and singers who became rich because they’re blessed to have been born in a capitalist country.

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