Election 2020

NYT: Trump Considers Skipping Election Debates Because He Doesn't Trust the Organizers

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

According to the left-wing New York Times, President Donald Trump and his advisers are considering skipping the general election debates in 2020. The reason? They don’t trust the commission that oversees them.

Trump told his advisers, the NYT report states, that he has no faith in the Commission on Presidential Debates’ objectivity and neutrality. This nonprofit sponsors the debates. However, in 2016, Trump saw that many debates were advantageous to Hillary Clinton, not in the least because of the role played by debate “moderators.”

Even the NYT admits that Trump had some serious issues with the Commission back in 2016. For example, in one of the debates with Clinton, Trump said he suffered from a “defective mic.” Trump believed this was done on purpose in order to hurt him. Although the Commission denies that, of course, it did acknowledge that his microphone suffered from “a technical malfunction.”

And then there was the debate between the Commission and team Trump about the group of women who had accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Trump’s debate team wanted them seated in his V.I.P. box, where Bill Clinton had to pass them and where they would sit in Hillary Clinton’s line of sight. The Commission refused to play along, however. Eventually, the Trump campaign gave in to the Commission, because the latter actually threatened to call in security in order to remove the women.

Of course, the moderators’ obvious liberal bias is reason enough for any self-respecting conservative to skip these debates. When Trump walks up to the podium, he’ll have at least two opponents: the Democratic presidential nominee and the moderator.

I’ve been calling on conservatives in Europe and the U.S. to skip these debates for years. Back in 2016, polls constantly showed after the debates that they were benefiting Hillary. The only benefit they have for Trump is that he’s tall. This automatically makes him look stronger and more presidential, especially if his opponent is a man. If it’s a woman, he may come across as overly dominant. But hey, it’s clear from the polls that Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee, which leaves Democrats with… Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. That’s going to be some great optics for Trump.

Having said that, the sad fact of the matter is that liberal fake journalists will use their role as moderators to relentlessly attack Trump. Considering that he already has the bully pulpit of the presidency, I don’t see how participating in these debates is going to help him. He should do townhalls, friendly interviews on Fox, livestreams on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, ads in newspapers, on TV and on websites… and tell the Commission, NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN to bugger off.