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Buttigieg Confronted With Closed Fundraisers: 'Uh, Just Want to Make Sure We Do It In The Right Way...'

(AP Photo/South Bend Tribune, Marcus Marter)

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg continues to face questions about his closed fundraisers. And, just like he has done every time when asked about it, Mayor Pete tells reporters in a recent video that he may, will, who knows open them eventually. Just not now.

At what appears to be a recent town hall, a female journalist asks Buttigieg about the public war that has broken out between him and Elizabeth Warren. “She’s talking about your fundraisers, you’re talking about her tax returns,” the reporter says. “Do you plan to take her on, head-on, directly one of these days?”

In other words: are you going to go after her in one of the debates?

“Look, I’m more interested in debating where our country is going,” Buttigieg answers in an attempt to quickly change the subject. “I’m happy to announce each of our respective records on transparency, but the house is on fire. And this, above all, is a competition for the nominee to take on Donald Trump. I will put my professional history — civilian and military, public and private — up against his any day.

Nice try, but the reporters weren’t going to let him off the hook quite so easy. “On transparency, is there anything personally holding you back from opening up these fundraisers?” another one asks Buttigieg in an attempt to bring the conversation back to the issue at hand.

“Just want to make sure that we approach this, that we do it in the right way,” Mayor Pete stutters in response. “Again, the team is working through the options and we’ll invite you to stay tuned in the coming days.” Because he adds, that’s when he may come with possible updates.

Say what you will about the guy, but he has become an expert at answering questions without actually answering them.

Watch it: