Election 2020

It's Official: Liberals Hate Michael Bloomberg

When former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he was running for president, we all knew that he’d aim — first and foremost — for supposedly centrist Democrats. Moderates. Or as I like to describe them: Democratic voters who aren’t completely insane. All true. But that diehard leftists would hate him as much as they do? I’ve got to admit that I didn’t see that coming. After all, he’s just as big a fan of the Nanny State as they are.

Well, sadly for Mr. Sugar Tax they do hate him. And they’re rather passionate about it too. They even go so far as to blame him for President Trump’s possible reelection, which is, of course, a truly deadly sin in their eyes:

For most Democrats, rightly fixated on beating Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg’s campaign for President is about the last thing they need. The bitter irony is that Bloomberg, a mega-billionaire, lifelong Republican, and New York conservative, has no chance of actually winning this year’s populist-leaning Democratic nomination himself. But his candidacy holds a host of dangers for Democrats and could complicate their efforts to defeat Trump.

Just in case Bloomberg didn’t get the hint, the author at The Hill writes:

All of this makes a mockery of Bloomberg’s stated intention that he is entering the race to increase the chances of beating Donald Trump. Instead, party leaders like Barack Obama should indicate to Democratic primary voters that Bloomberg’s erstwhile candidacy is a huge mistake, and Democrats should not support him because of these risks.

There are. many reasons to dislike Michael Bloomberg, the most important being that he thinks he should tell other people how to live their lives. The guy’s just horrible in that regard. Strangely, however, the liberal author of the piece at The Hill has no problem with that. No, what bugs him is that a) Bloomberg is a billionaire (having money is the new evil, apparently), and b) that he may actually convince some people to vote for him which will supposedly make it harder for any one Democratic candidate to get a majority before the Democratic National Convention.

If you are now thinking to yourself, “But wait, isn’t that what democracy is all about?”, I’ll have to sadly inform you that the Democratic Party doesn’t like democracy one bit. It’s a socialist party, and socialists are authoritarian in nature. They want one leader, and they want him or her now. Everybody else just has to toe the line.

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