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Tulsi Gabbard Plans to Take On Big Tech: 'I'm Going to Break Up These Monopolies'

Appearing on the Joe Rogan Podcast earlier this week, Democratic presidential candidate and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said that, if she is elected president, she will do everything in her power to “break up big tech monopolies and provide the oversight” and accountability to ensure people’s right to free speech, civil liberties, and personal privacy are never compromised. No, not even by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

“The amount of power that’s being exhibited by these social media companies,” Joe Rogan told her, “again, no one anticipated this. What could be done?”

Rep. Gabbard answered immediately. “We look at our antitrust laws,” she said, “that exist in this country for the protection of the consumer against any giant monopoly from coming in and being in a position to abuse their power, and apply those laws to these tech giants.”

And that’s when she said something that will undoubtedly immediately make her one of Mark Zuckerberg’s main targets. “I’m going to break up these monopolies and provide the kinds of oversight and accountability that will protect the consumer, that will protect the American people, will protect fair and honest discourse, protect freedom of speech.”

She went on to explain that this position of hers is “a difference between me and somebody like Mayor Pete, for example. Other candidates, and he’s not the only one, who refuse to take a strong position in recognizing the threat to our public discourse and our democracy that these tech giants have really within the hands of just a few people.”

“I think this just broke in the news recently, Mark Zuckerberg, who wanted to run for president not that long ago, and he’s trying to start his own cryptocurrency, he wants to have his own currency that he controls. The amount of power that this guy has and that he wants to continue to grow is so dangerous,” she said about the founder and head honcho of Facebook which is one of the most powerful big tech companies around (which says a lot).

“He decided not to run for president, but he and his wife started emailing Mayor Pete’s campaign manager saying, here’s some guys we think you should hire for your campaign. And so, they hired two of Zuckerberg’s Facebook guys who are now working for Mayor Pete’s campaign,” Rep. Gabbard explained. “And so they’re going to have a seat at the table should this guy get elected, which means Facebook’s going to have a seat at the table.”

Rep. Gabbard’s promise to take Big Tech (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and especially Mark Zuckerberg personally) was hailed by Twitter-users.

And my personal favorite:

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