Election 2020

'Enlightened' Democrat Marianne Williamson Calls President Trump an 'Infection'

Marianne Williamson on day three of Summit LA17 on Nov. 5, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

On Twitter, bestselling author of spiritual books turned Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has, sadly, joined the Democrats who have dehumanized President Trump in recent months. In a tweet aimed at her followers, she calls him an “opportunistic infection” that only is there “because of a weakened societal immune system.”

“I’m not focused on fighting Trump,” Williamson writes, “but on creating policies that help people thrive.” That sounds great, of course. Focus on what you can do to help people rather than on tearing people down. That’s the Marianne Williamson many of us have gotten to know and love.

Sadly, however, that’s not where her tweets end. Instead of talking about those “policies that help people thrive,” Williamson insults the president and dehumanizes him at the same time.

“He’s like an opportunistic infection: only there because of a weakened societal immune system. Pres Trump didn’t create the deeper underlying problems; the deeper underlying problems created him.”

It’s sad, but to her and her fellow Democrats, that is probably considered extremely mild criticism. If we on the right side of the political divide would describe, say, Barack Obama in such a manner, Williamson and her buddies would immediately accuse us of dehumanizing him. But they don’t even see it when they do the exact same thing with President Trump.

This dehumanization of President Trump has got to stop. Pretending that he’s some kind of “infection” (or “cancer,” as musician John Legend put it last weekend) is not only extremely impolite, it’s actually dangerous. Dehumanization always leads to violence. Always.

I’d expect Williamson to understand that and act accordingly. That AOC, Ilhan Omar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and all those other partisan nutjobs dehumanize Trump is to be expected in this day in age. But I’d expect better from Williamson. She should be above such dangerous partisan hackery.