Election 2020

Chris Matthews Asks Tulsi Gabbard: 'Why Are So Many Democrats War Hawks?'

Wow. Shocking. Amazing. What the heck? That’s the only response I had when I first saw this clip of an exchange between Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews right after the most recent debate between Democratic presidential candidates:

“I’m looking at the Democratic establishment figures,” Matthews lisps, “people I normally like. John Kerry, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton. You go down the list. They all supported the war in Iraq. Why where they hawks?”

“Were,” Chris? What do you mean, “were?” These people are still hawks. It’s one of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton has come out swinging at Tulsi Gabbard in this election cycle.

Anyway, back to Tulsi and Matthews.

“Why so many Democrats with a party that’s not hawkish, why are so many of their leaders hawks?”

Ah, there it is. An admission that they still are hawks. Well done, Chris.

“Yeah,” Tulsi answers. “I point to two things. One is you have the foreign policy establishment and the military-industrial complex in Washington that carries such a huge amount of influence over both parties. There are campaign contributions, the influence that these contractors have in this pay-to-play culture, this corrupt culture in Washington, but you also just have people who don’t understand foreign policy and who lack the experience to make these critical decisions that impact our lives and the safety and security of the American people. This is so serious about what’s at stake here.”

Matthews then closes the segment by praising Tulsi for being “out there all alone tonight fighting against the neocons.”

Once, Matthews and his fellow leftists reserved that term for Republicans. Now they use it for Democratic war hawks. What an amazing change. Especially considering Matthews’ past support for Hillary, while he did everything in his power to undermine the campaign of foreign policy dove Bernie Sanders.

Clearly, Matthews sees from which side the wind is blowing in the Democratic Party, and he’s quickly trying to reposition himself. Knowing Democrats, they’ll undoubtedly fall for it. They’re the party of, for, and by useful idiots, after all.