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Tulsi Gabbard Destroys Her Campaign: 'We Stand United... Motivated by LOVE'

Tulsi Gabbard Destroys Her Campaign: 'We Stand United... Motivated by LOVE'
Tulsi Gabbard speaking in Iowa. Source: Phil Roeder / Youth Voice Presidential Forum / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

I’ve got to admit: I only respect and like two Democrats running for president. The first is Marianne Williamson. The second (and more prominent candidate at the moment, since she’s polling at a couple of percent nowadays) is Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi is has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s a lefty, but she’s honest and upfront about it. More than anything, though, she fears no one, not even her party’s own godfathers and godmothers. Heck, she has all but declared war on Hillary Clinton. That takes balls.

However, sadly for Tulsi, she has one major problem. A weakness that she won’t be able to overcome.

No, I’m not talking about her age or lack of experience. Trump had never held office before he became president, so hey, everything goes nowadays.

No, Tulsi’s problem is… that she’s simply a decent human being. Just watch this video:

“You know, sometimes politicians who are stuck in Washington, and don’t take the time to get out, don’t get out to where real people live and play and work, they lose touch with the reality of where the heartbeat of our country is,” she told a crowd at a recent campaign rally. “The heartbeat of our country, it’s certainly not in Washington, D.C. The heartbeat of our country is in rooms like this. In communities like yours all across this country, standing up and saying it is time now for our voices to be heard.”

“It has gone on for so long that self-serving politicians in Washington and the richest, and the most powerful, and the most elite among us, have been in control and have been in power, and they have left us behind.”

OK, so far so good, but that’s where it all went wrong:

“The problem is our politics has been so poisoned and tainted for so long by those who are only interested in their own political power, their selfish interests or lining their pockets, and using fear and hatred and bigotry to divide us for their own personal gain that they don’t know what this looks like. They don’t understand what the power of the people feels like. They think that they have the power but they have forgotten that really, the power lies within our hands.”

And she made it even worse:

“When we come together and stand united, not motivated by fear, not motivated by hatred, not motivated by racism or bigotry, but motivated by love. Motivated by love. Motivated by love for our country and for each other and for our planet and for our future. When we stand united in this love, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome.”

Of course, the problem is that everything she says she doesn’t want to be is exactly what the Democratic Party represents. This is the party that tells Trump voters that they’re just angry white people, smelly Walmart shoppers and a basket of deplorables. This is the party that tells African Americans that they have to vote for Democrats or else they’re Uncle Toms. This is the party that has started an impeachment procedure against the democratically elected president simply because he (and his voters!) don’t share their views. This is the party that smears anyone who mildly suggests that perhaps — perhaps! — unborn life deserves some protection at some point.

In short, the Democratic Party is the party of hatred, racism, and bigotry. There’s literally no chance of someone like Tulsi — decent, unifying, brave — winning that party’s nomination.