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Sidney Powell Calls Tucker Carlson 'Insulting, Demanding, and Rude'

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The claws are out in the conservative world as big names have started sniping at one another. Tucker Carlson did an entire monologue on his show demanding more evidence of voter fraud from Sidney Powell, attorney for the president, and claiming she refused to give him any. Powell denies that allegation and went on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo and claimed that she had sent Carlson an unseen affidavit and an offer to let him interview a witness. Powell then said that Carlson was “insulting, demanding, and rude” so she asked him to stop contacting her.

Watch the interview with Bartiromo below:


Tempers are flaring on all sides and the right is now bickering amongst one another about what is the appropriate amount of evidence to disclose to the press when you’re trying a case in court. I don’t see the harm in waiting for the legal process to play out and understanding that no attorney is going to show all their cards to the public and give the opposing team time to mount a defense. I wouldn’t want my attorney blabbing every detail to the press, would you?

It does no one any good to start these internal wars so I’m not sure why were are doing it when we have a process and very specific deadlines to use that process. For me, I’ve seen enough evidence in the sworn statements that makes me believe this election needs a full audit and investigation regardless of the outcome. The fraud may not be enough to overturn it, but it’s certainly enough to investigate and reform it. And sworn affidavits are the definition of evidence that will be used in court. If Carlson turned down Powell’s invitation to interview a new witness then he should apologize and interview that person immediately. He claimed that he is interested in the truth, so he should follow every lead.

Carlson is entitled to have his opinion that he hasn’t personally seen what he wants to see, but attorneys for the president have one objective and that’s to win in court. They should never reveal anything that could jeopardize a win. I’ve seen enough to be satisfied that the filings were necessary and I am content to wait out the court action. I hope Carlson and Powell work this little feud out soon so we can focus on the process and get back to aiming at the left.

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