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BREAKING: Georgia Will 'Audit, Recount, and Recanvass' Presidential Vote

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has announced that the presidential election results are close enough that it requires a recount, by hand, in every county in the state. This announcement comes on the heels of every major news outlet declaring that the presidential race is over and everyone should just accept a Biden/Harris regime. But the race is not over and there are several recounts that will most likely take place before the fat lady sings, along with legal action taken in the courts to ensure that every vote cast was a legal vote.

Biden currently leads in Georgia by 14,000 votes, according to NPR, whose headline about this story is amusing, to say the least. “Georgia Will Conduct A Hand Recount Amid GOP’s Baseless Fraud Claims,” reports NPR, completely unironically, while pretending to be unbiased. I don’t know how the claims could be baseless when the majority of them haven’t been litigated in court. Further, Raffensperger did not allege vote fraud in Georgia but announced the recount because the spread is within the legal margin and the law allows for it. With Trump voters distrusting the voting process after hearing many reports of “election irregularities,” Raffensperger believes a recount will put their minds at ease.

Following the legal process and allowing for recounts as required and prescribed by law in these situations is always a good idea, no matter what NPR thinks about it.

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